August Activities Report – Luke Le

Hi everyone,

Before we start, make sure you check out “UniSA Career Insights” which will happen between 28th of August and 15th of September. It is an exciting 3-week program of events showcasing a variety of career-related activities with an aim to help you explore your career options and achieve your career goals. Link is below:

What I have done this month:

  1. International Sub-committee Meeting

First International sub-committee meeting was held on the 31st of July, it was great to see leaders of cultural clubs at UniSA. We talked about the up-coming plans for the rest of the year.

  1. BBQ at Magill

On the 16th of August, I caught up with Ryan and Carey, our Magill representatives, to set up a BBQ at Magill campus with the aim to talk to students and promote out UniSA Magill Network facebook group. It was a successful event as we managed to talk to a lot of students and had no leftover food on the day (big thank to Bridget and her cooking advices).20819516_10203691893855635_7244433982359321206_o

  1. Brekky Bar

On the 2nd of August, I ran another Brekky Bar with Jordan and Jivan. This time, we tried out some additional items including ham and cheese. The response from students was even stronger than the first Brekky Bar. We served not only a lot ham and cheese sandwiches but also other items like cereal, juice and coffee. Brekky Bar at Mawson Lakes will be in Wednesday morning weekly till the end of the year, you are more than welcome to come talk to us and more importantly, GRAB SOME FREE FOOD!!!

  1. Business School O’week and International Arrival Briefing.

On the 1st of August, I participated another O’week for Business School. Monamee and I presented at the International Arrival Briefing just like last month. The crowd was larger compared to the last time but I had more control over myself and definitely no more stage fright. I guess it one of many good things that you can achieve as a USASA student rep!

  1. Other business
  • 11th of August, I met with Bridget and Joe to discuss my plan for International Information Package.
  • 17th of August, I met with Valerie to further discuss on the collaboration between UniSA, Flinders University and Adelaide University in international student sector.
  • 21st of August, I met with Valerie and Jivan to discuss the incident that Valerie and Diana experienced at this year CISA conference.

What I have planned for next month

  • Formal Inquiry and Academic review training. Date: TBA
  • Formal Inquiry at Mawson lakes
  • Continue working on the Information Package

That’s it for now. I will see you again next month.


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