Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Rep – August Activity Report.

Hi UniSA Students,

Firstly, I just wanted to say sorry that I have been absent the last couple months; I’ve been having personal issues, so please excuse that.

So this is my first time blogging in my life (EVER!!) & posting about student experience. Now time to catch up! I first came into this role May. On June the 6th University of South Australia held a scholarship ceremony, celebrating all students who had worked hard and had received an award. I was lucky enough to be the 2017 Gavin Wanganeen Aboriginal & Torres Islander Scholarship recipient among other luck recipients of Gavin Wanganeen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarship (sponsored by Department of State Development) & Gavin Wanganeen Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Scholarship (sponsored by the Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources).

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August Activities Report – Luke Le

Hi everyone,

Before we start, make sure you check out “UniSA Career Insights” which will happen between 28th of August and 15th of September. It is an exciting 3-week program of events showcasing a variety of career-related activities with an aim to help you explore your career options and achieve your career goals. Link is below:


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Mt Gambier Student Rep report

Hi everyone,

It’s been a quiet couple of months on campus here, most students have well established routines and our mid year intake was only 23 students so I have not had as much student contact as in the first few months….however, I have still managed to keep busy as a rep.

In July the campus finally got the student engagement rep position filled by a student (Tania a business student) this means that myself, Tania and Ian (campus manager) now all work together to provide the best student services and support we can.  As a regional campus we are often unable to provide the same services and opportunities as our city counterparts, this is where Tania, Ian and myself work collaboratively to ensure we get the best opportunities possible for all students, the following is some of what we have achieved and are working toward;

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August – Whyalla Student News

Couple of highlights for the month of August:

Thank you to all those who attended Open Day on Sunday 27th August, it was great to see so many new faces and I really hope they sign up for a great journey and great experience at our university in Whyalla.

Reminder for the USASA info session for upcoming election will be held on Tuesday 29th August, commencing at 11.30 a.m. in the student lounge, if you want to know what the role entails and how the election works then this session is for you.

Requests for remarking and resubmissions or issues with any lecturers please contact: http://www.usasa.sa.edu.au/advocacy

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Postgrad August report

Hi Postgrads! This month I have worked with USASA staff and student reps to respond to the release of the Human Rights Commission survey release regarding sexual assault and harassment on university campuses. USASA media release here. I’ve been preparing (along with the Women’s committee) for our Responsible Sex stall at UniTopia and our sexual violence campaign. I was also at Open Day at the USAS stall, which was lots of fun!

I’ve also been campaigning for students to enrol on the Australian Electoral Roll, so that they are eligible to vote in the Australian Marriage Law Postal survey. This is a survey that will ask Australians whether they think people of the same sex should be allowed to marry under Australian law. Marriage equality is a human right regardless of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity, and USASA supports marriage equality (USASA media release here). One of USASA’s objectives is to “promote and defend the interests and welfare of students at the university”, which includes campaigning for all students at our uni to have equal rights under marriage law.


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August 2017 – Mawson Lakes Rep

Hi everyone,

This month has been extremely busy for me, with assignments and tests of my own, as well as USASA activities. I’m sure you’ve all been busy as the workload for the semester picks up, so I wish you the best in all of your assessments.

Earlier this month, The Australian Human Rights Commission released their report into sexual harassment and assault at Australian Universities. You can read USASA’s press release in response to these results here. If you are feeling distressed about the Australian Human Rights Commission report you can contact the National Hotline on 1800 572 224 for specialised trauma counselling. UniSA students can also book an appointment at UniSA Counselling here.

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