USASA Student rep – Mt Gambier Julie Baum

June has been a quiet month in Mt Gambier, students attended their last lectures and tutorials earlier in the month, then worked toward completing their final assignments and exams.

Our silent study space is proving to be very beneficial for the students who are utilizing it, I have had feedback about the room which includes; “it’s great for doing my assignments, no noise or distraction” and “I can concentrate in there, the piazza was always too noisy”, I’m glad that not only students are using the area but that it is meeting the needs of the students.

We are hoping to have a plan in place for extended opening hours in SP5, it will probably only be on a trial basis and be reassessed after this, but we are making progress.

I had the privilege of attending 2 formal enquiries last month, I was able to advocate on behalf of the students and I appreciated the respect and professionalism showed toward me by the academic staff who participated in the process.

We had a great night out for our SP2 break up dinner, we had 37 students participate (which is a really good attendance for our campus), we all enjoyed a special dinner out @ Commodore on the Park, great food, great conversation.

Upcoming events

We have our night out at the basketball, then cinema night, both of these will be fun activities to quick of the next semester, a chance to get to know more students and build more friendships and networks at uni.

Planned Activities

10/7  Board Meeting

28/7  Basketball




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