President’s Report June

Summary of Activities

June was a great chance to build on the work I’ve been doing regarding student voice at UniSA, I have now interviewed all the schools across the University and will be able to bring forward a report about student representation at UniSA. I continued to develop and contribute feedback into UnISA Sexual Violence policy. Furthermore, we ran stalls about SSAF at UniSA. See all of my activities for the month below.

As always, ask me if you have any questions:

Dates and times

May 29

  • Met with General Manager and SRSO to put together the Board agenda
  • Met with Head of School of Education and Program Directors to discuss academic issues, student representation, and the newly established USASA Education Committee.
  • Volunteered at the City East USASA Campus Counter

May 30

  • Learning Adviser interviews – a chance to learn more about the Learning Advisor program in the Student Engagement Unit, and gain a broader understanding of what the University looks for when hiring staff, and contribute the student perspective.
  • Student Services and Amenities Stall at the City West student lounge. A fantastic opportunity to chat to students about what they want their SSAF money to be spent on
  • Student Appeals Committee – the USASA President is a member of the Student Appeals Committee, which oversees all final student appeals for academic integrity issues at the University
  • LEAD program – attended my second session of the LEAD program, in which we attended a panel session for Reconciliation Week, and participated in a meeting to discuss our projects and the idea of diversity in leadership, and the barriers that people from intersectional backgrounds face.

May 31

  • SSAF stall at the City East student lounge, where we asked City East students what they want their SSAF money to be spent on and talked to them about what SSAF is. Thanks for the chats and feedback City East!
  • Held a meeting with the manager of the Learning Advisor unit, to discuss how USASA can support the new student-led peer-assisted Study Help Program. See more here: and here:
  • Welfare Committee meeting to discuss how we can support a new Brekky Bar program in 2018

June 1

  • Met with Director Student Engagement Unit to discuss the USASA submission into UniSA Online
  • Women’s Social Action Group against Sexual Violence – planning for the national release of the sexual assault and harassment survey from the Human Rights Commission; a September sexual health and consent campaign and panel session; and the Reclaim the NIght rally

June 5

  • Met with the Office of Student Equity and Engagement to discuss the University’s response to the HRC survey release on August 1, and encouraged a robust counselling response, and sensitive University communication
  • Represented USASA on a hiring panel for the new Manager: Counselling in the Student Engagement Unit.
  • USASA Board Meeting in which I moved the USASA Board submission into the Government’s Senate Committee on the Higher Education proposals. You can access this here:, Submission 45.  

June 6

  • Represented USASA on DAPAG, which is the main decision-making body for the Division of EASS in terms of academic reform and program/course issues.
  • Organised and attended a SSAF stall for Mawson Lakes.
  • Met with USASA Marketing to plan USASA’s communications to the HRC survey report.

June 7

  • Meeting with Program Manager of EASS Academic Student reps to map out representatives for the USASA Education Committee, and new representatives for the School of Education School Board.
  • Magill SSAF stall, thank you for your feedback Magill!
  • DPRC meeting for the Business School, to discuss changes in course programs for the division.

June 8

  • Student Appeals Committee Meeting
  • Halloween Party Committee Meeting

June 9

  • USASA Finance Committee Meeting to approve the USASA budget for 2018.
  • Board Actions meeting to plan how we can improve our support for student representatives.
  • Met with Professor Laura-Anne to discuss policy related to the University’s review of sexual assault and harassment policy

June 13

  • TALC  meeting for the Business School, which is a representative body that discusses academic, facilities and student support bodies and issues for the division.

June 14

  • USASA Education Committee Meeting – student representative program discussion, I presented on the University structure and decision-making bodies.

June 15

  • University Council meeting
  • Retail Master plan meeting – pushed for student consultation on University developments in second semester rather than during the exam period so the University provides students with a real student voice.
  • LEAD Program – mapped out student project.
  • Women’s Social Action Group against Sexual Violence

June 20

  • DAPAG meeting
  • SSAF debrief with SRSO

June 22

  • USASA staff and Learning Advisor team met for collaborations and to discuss academic issues students face.

June 23

  • Academic Board meeting
  • Met with the USALSA President and Law School professional staff member to discuss Law School engagement with the USASA Education Committee and with USASA more broadly

June 26

  • President/General Manager Meeting

June 27

  • Met with Ben Evans of the ITEE division to discuss student representation
  • Met with USASA Advocacy team about student issues

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