June Report-City West Rep

The month of June has been quieter than previous months as most of the students are on holidays. Though the student representatives participated in different activities throughout the month to ensure student involvement in major university issues. As a City West campus representative, I have represented you all in following occasions,

May 29, 2017

Sat on a formal inquiry panel for the School of Art, Architecture and Design

May 30, 2017

The City West representatives, Ryan and myself along with the USASA president Kayla, hosted the SSAF stall at student lounge on the City West campus. It was great to get the opportunity to hear your thoughts on SSAF spending

June 01, 2017

Attended a group meeting for Student program advisory group (SPAG)

June 05, 2017

Women’s Committee meeting, Board meeting-June

June 07 & 14, 2017

Sat on the recruitment panel for a UniSA staff position

June 08, 2017

Attended a meeting with the SP5 O-week working group

June 20, 2017

Attended a meeting with Ms Tracy Wellen and Ms Bridget Laffy to discuss the International student arrival briefing during SP5 orientation

June 21, 2017

Had a discussion with UniSA staffs to discuss on the orientation presentation and provide some student perspective

June 23, 2017

Academic board meeting- June

Planned activities for upcoming days:

The upcoming schedule looks like the following as of now,

July 04, 2017: 02 formal inquiries to attend

July 10, 2017: Women’s committee meeting, Governance committee meeting, Board meeting-July

July 17, 2017: SP5 O-week International day

July 20, 2017: SP5 campus day- City West

July 24, 2017: City West SSAF Survey stall

July 28, 2017: Academic board meeting-July

That’s all from me for today. See you around the campus. Do not hesitate to contact me via this email: ishmy004@mymail.unisa.edu.au.

Thank you,



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