International Rep Report – June Activities

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a successful exam period. I am Luke, your new international representative. It was a big surprise to be offered the position 3 weeks ago. First step is always the hardest. I am still trying to adapt to the workload and responsibility as a representative. This month, I have met with Bridget and Kayla for the takeover meeting. It was amazing to learn about what I have never known before. Being a representative is a stressful responsibility but meaningful as I will be able to understand more about students’ needs and help make their experience at university a memorable one. I have also met with Bridget to discuss about a few ideas including:

  • CISA conference: Unfortunately, due to short time frame that I had (only 10 days), the board and I were not able to prepare for it properly nor acquire enough budget for the trip and I will not be attending CISA conference this year.
  • International Information Night/Information Package: The idea behind this is to provide International Students adequate understanding about housing rights, employment rights and other international students’ rights and obligations to live and study in South Australia.

In relation to other activities, I have talked to Tracy (event coordinator) about the upcoming O’ week presentation to welcome new international students. I will be presenting with Monamee – City West Representative on the day.

Plan for next month:

4/7/2017: Meeting with Monamee to discuss about O’week presentation

10/7/2017: Board Meeting

17/7/2017: O’week International Student Meeting and Presentation

If you have any issues or concerns, feel free to contact me at

Luke Le.


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