Magill Rep June Report

Hi Everyone


This month was a busy one for me personally as I’m sure it was for all Uni SA students with SP2 wrapping up.

USASA wise June marked several firsts for me.

On June 2 I attended my first School Board meeting. The room was full of staff from my campus and involved people discussing issues and events that affected the university. One issue raised a bit was Disciplinary Clusters. For those unfamiliar with this concept this relates to the subjects and sub-majors students can pick with their degrees. At this stage ideas are just being mooted and nothing is concrete yet, but there may be some future movements occur in this area. Watch this space.

June 5 I travelled to City West to meet with Tegan and Reb from USASA to bring myself to scratch with the situation of USASA clubs at Magill. This area in particular is of concern to me, not just because I sit on the Clubs Board, but also because I feel there is a lack of student engagement with clubs on my campus.

There are several clubs that are active on campus which is terrific, but there are several others which are less engaged. Over the coming months we hope to work with some of the less engaged clubs and help them become more prominent on campus, and perhaps even help establish some new clubs.

As usual I continued my work at the USASA Front Desk each Thursday keeping the counter open for 30 minutes while the regular staff take their lunch break. This is always good as I get to talk to students that come into the student lounge as well as get to know the staff members that operate the counter.

The recently formed Education Committee took some big strides this month too.

Bridget (USASA Student Support Officer), Kayla (USASA President), Daniel (USASA General Manager), and myself (USASA Education Committee Convener) met with Claire Colebeck, the Student Engagement Project Officer for the Education Arts and Social Sciences Divisional Office on Wednesday June 7.

A plan is currently being mapped out for USASA to try and support Academic Representatives across all of the campuses to make them more prominent and accessible to students. This was also discussed a week later at the Education Committee meeting which included two Academic Officers from other Schools in the University.

This is a project I and many others look forward to advancing.

On a final note, if you thought you heard my voice on UniCast Radio on June 6 talking about the relocation of the UniCast speakers at Magill, yes that was me. It was for a radio project as part of a second year journalism assessment that went live on air.

Anyway, enjoy the study period break!


June 1: USASA Counter

June 5: Meeting with USASA Club Workers

June 5: USASA Student Board Meeting

June 7: Meeting with the Claire Colebeck,

June 7: SSAF

June 8: USASA Counter

June 14: Education Committee

June 14: Advocacy refresher training with Luiz

June 16: Academic Formal Inquiry


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