June City West Activity Report

Compared to the last couple of months, June has been relatively quiet in my capacity as your USASA City West Representative. So, exactly what have I been up to?

Outside of my USASA role, I am currently working with a project team in the Student Engagement Unit to deliver a new “one stop shop” website for all the activities and events that UniSA offer in terms of student engagement. This has been a fantastic project so far and I’d love your input as we get closer to finalising the website. We’re looking for stories about some of the things you’ve experienced at UniSA – maybe you’ve gone on an exchange, attended a workshop or completed an internship? Let me know by email if you have a story to share.

Over the next few weeks, I’m looking to conduct an audit of UniSA’s bike facilities and where we could improve it to make the commuting experience better. If you have any ideas, particularly if you commute into campus regularly, then please let me know.

On a final note, if you’re not currently doing SP4 in the Business School, I hope you’re enjoying your break. And if you’re doing SP4 (like myself), I hope you went well with round 1 of exams from SP2 and I wish you all the best with your upcoming exams. Bring on round 2!

Activities and Meetings in April

  • 1/6 – Student Advisory Group Meeting
  • 5/6 – USASA Board Meeting
  • 9/6 – Finance Committee Meeting
  • 14/6 – Business School Formal Inquiry

Next Month’s Planned Activities and Meetings

  • 10/7 – Governance Committee Meeting
  • 10/7 – USASA Board Meeting
  • 11/7 – Clubs Committee Meeting
  • 27/5 – Finance Committee Meeting
  • 28/5 – Academic Board Meeting



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