USASA Student Rep report, Mt Gambier

USASA Report – Julie Baum

May in Mt Gambier


Unitopia was all about supporting YOU the students, we were able to provide some Mindset mentoring for supporting your study, while providing some light exercise and physical wellbeing for your body, Oh Yes! we also had a Yummy lunch, which everyone loved.  This was the first time I had organized a Unitopia event, and although we could not have some of the same activities as our city counterparts, everyone who participated said they appreciated the activities and loved the FREE lunch. I am already planning for the next Unitopia event for SP5 so watch the space!!!

Silent Study Zone

Through negotiation and planning with Ian McKay (Uni Manger), we were able to come up with a plan for a silent study zone, we now have a meeting room which is available most days of the week for all students to utilise for study, this is a big improvement from what we had.

Equity in Opening Hours

Ian is still going through the process of applying to get our campus open beyond 5.30pm on weekdays and possible weekend access, I greatly appreciate Ian working with myself ad the other students to provide EQUITY of access for all students here in Mt Gambier. I will continue to work with Ian and be a voice for the students on our campus, consistently working towards equality for our Regional University students.

Upcoming events

I have connected with as many students as possible in the last few weeks to get an idea of what activities and events they would like during their Uni experience. Together we cam up with the following ideas;

  • Dinner out for our SP2 break up
  • Movie night (book out cinema for private function – set up as a gold pass event)
  • basketball game (go watch the pioneers play)

Theses are some of the activities we are planning and I am working with a small group of students who are happy to help organize and run these events.

(just to clarify – my USASA role does not cover organizing or fund these activities, I am working with Ian to organize and support these functions as we do not have a student engagement team or person at our campus)

Planned Activities

5/6      Events Committee meeting

Women’s Committee meeting

Board Meeting

6/6     Formal Inquiry  10.30am

Formal Inquiry  12.30pm

30/6   Dinner for SP2 Break up


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