Magill Student Rep Board Report for May 2017

Hi Everyone!

May was my first full month as Student Representative for the Magill campus. It has flown by really quickly and I am now familiarizing myself a lot better with the inner workings of USASA.

The month kicked off with the Student Board AGM, where many issues were raised and debated. One of the big items to come out of the meeting was the decision to split the Education and Welfare Committee into two separate committees.

At the meeting I was appointed as convener of the Education Committee, which will aim to increase student representation in key decisions made by the university, as well as trying to improve student engagement. These ideas, along with plans to set up focus groups across the university campuses, were raised at the inaugural Education Committee held later on in the month.

The big event to occur this month was Unitopia. After going to all the other metro campuses, it was finally Magill’s turn to the student benefit day, which included plants, coffees and puppies on Wednesday, May 15.

Unitopia 2017

For me, the day started at 8am, setting up until 10:30 when proceedings officially kicked off. Due to weather concerns, the event was held indoors which proved to be a smart move as later it bucketed down.

I started briefly by taking orders at the free coffee stall set up in the middle of the hub, before moving on to the ‘Adopt a Plant’ stall an hour later and remaining there until 3pm. As someone that use to work for a flower business, this suited me very well, and I had an enjoyable time getting to know people and discussing plants.

In other news this month, after getting in contact with David at FM Assist, and Andrei from Technical Services, the radio speakers at the Magill Hub are going to be relocated to ensure they can be properly utilized (que the Ron Paul “It’s Happening” GIF).

Originally the speakers had been placed next to the study area where numerous students had complained about the noise being too distracting while they studied, and as such the speakers had been permanently muted, leaving UniCast radio students disappointed that their work was not being played on campus.

The speakers will now be relocated to the other side of the room near where the pool table, table tennis table, and piano are located. As this is not a study area, no students studying will be impacted by the noise, but students relaxing will be able to enjoy the sweet sounds of UniCast Radio.

Finally, this week I got the chance to work at the USASA front counter on Thursday May 25 from 12:30 to 1. This gave me a chance to speak to several students, as well as enable to keep the student lounge open during the regular USASA staff lunch break. I really enjoyed this, and I hope to be able to do this weekly for the rest of this study period, as well as Study Period 5.

Next month will be a busy one for me, where I will be attending my first Formal Inquiry and School Board meetings, and on June 7 will be speaking to the students on Magill campus about where their Student Services and Amenities fees actually go.

As always, I wish everyone good luck with their assignments, and if there is an issue on Campus you would like to speak to me about, please contact me at

PS: Also, if you aren’t already, stay connected with the Magill Campus Facebook page

Key Events in May

May 1 AGM and Meeting

May 8 Meeting with Bridget (Student Representative Support Officer) and Kayla (USASA President) about convening the Education Committee

May 15 KPI Meeting with Kayla (USASA President)

May 17 Unitopia

May 24 Inaugural Education Board Meeting

May 24 Clubs Committee

May 25 USASA Counter Front Desk


June 2 Uni SA School Board Meeting

June 5 USASA Student Board Meeting

June 7 SSAF at Magill

June 14 Education Committee Meeting

June 16 Formal Inquiry at City East Campus


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