May Board Report

Hi All!

The past month has quite eventful. Starting off the monthly board meeting and AGM on the 1st, I nominated to convene the newly formed Welfare Committee. With Natansh and Jordan, we will meet once a month to discuss issues and ideas regarding student welfare. I also had a meeting with Bridget this month to go over my roles as the convenor, essentially I will be facilitating the discussion that goes on and generate ideas on how we can improve student welfare which will be reported back to the board to make final decisions. Our first meeting will be held on the 31st of May and our current main focus is on the student Brekky Bar.

Utopia was on this past month during weeks 9 and 10. Hope you all enjoyed coming to chat to our USASA reps or just pet a dog and relax just before exam period starts!

In other events this month, we have had a number of protests, the biggest with an almost 200 student turn out, was the Make Education Free Again protest. On 17th of May students around Adelaide gathered outside Parliament House to protest against the $2.8 billion cuts to funding and increased uni fees.


Coming up, we have the second City East student catch-up which will be held in the student lounge in the Playford building. Come around 3-4pm on 31st May to talk to us about any issues you are having at uni or just for a chat. Also, on that morning, we will also have  a SSAF campaign stall which will be in the Centenary student lounge from 9-11am.

Next Up:

  • Finance Committee Meeting 25th May
  • Welfare Committee Meeting 31st May
  • SSAF Campaign Stall 31st May
  • Student Catch Up 31st May
  • June Board Meeting 5th

I look forward to catch up with you all!

~Han Nguyen


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