May Postgraduate Report

Hi everyone!

My main focus this month was preparing for, and working at the Women’s committee “Consent stall” at UniTopia. I hope that some of you had a chance to pop by and say hello! The student engagement was motivating, as lots of people were interested in hearing about consent, women’s support services, and the women’s committee. Unfortunately, I was sick for about two weeks of the month, so I was unable to attend the Women’s committee meeting, USASA board meeting, and the first policy review working group (regarding prevention of, and response to, sexual assault and rape on campus). The Governance committee meeting was also cancelled this month. Although I attended less meetings than I usually do, I got to engage with a lot more students than usual, because I spent a lot of time at UniTopia.

May 6th – President and Vice President’s meeting

May 6th – Trip to Officeworks to get supplies for the Women’s committee stall at UniTopia

I went to get supplies for the stall, but it was very difficult to restrain myself from buying all of the highlighters and post-it-notes!

May 8th – Working bee for Women’s committee stall

I spent a few hours working with Kayla, Bridget, and some members of the Rainbow Club executive committee to prepare for the stall – organising, sorting, packing, printing flyers, folding flyers (lots of papercuts) and moving the boxes to each campus.

May 12th – Trip to Officeworks (again) to get supplies for the Women’s committee stall at UniTopia

May 16th – UniTopia at Mawson Lakes!

Great moment of the day – realising that our informational video (“Tea Consent” on YouTube) had captions in Mandarin Chinese, which helped two lovely Chinese students be able to understand the video a little easier.

May 17th – UniTopia at Magill!  

Embarrassing moment of the day – spilling a few litres of water all over the floor in The Caf, while trying to fill the hot water urn.

May 19th – Women’s Social Action meeting with UniSA staff

I was invited to have a meeting with UniSA staff regarding a Women’s social action group that a group of students wish to start. We talked about how best to support these students in their aims, and what their goals are for the group. We have also planned a schedule for future meetings, to continue working on this project.


Planned activities for next month:

June 1st – Womens Social Action meeting with UniSA staff and students

June 5th – Womens committee meeting

Governance committee meeting

USASA board meeting

June 15th – University council

Womens Social Action meeting

June 19th – Policy review working group

June 29th – Womens Social Action meeting

President and Vice Presidents meeting

P.S. Because I am putting in my report early this month, next months report will be longer as it will cover a longer amount of time 🙂


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