April Report – Julie Baum, Mt Gambier

USASA Report – Julie Baum Student Representative

What happened in April?


PAC CRAWL!!!!!!  Yep we had the Pac crawl, it was great to be a part of what all of UniSA was doing, all on the same night.  We only had a small number attend, but those of us that went had a great time, 4 pubs, crazy antics, scavenger hunt, lot’s of laughs, and the ‘Nut Bush’ to top it of!  Thanks to everyone that came along, it was a fun way to kick off the swat vac.

However you coped with the first half of semester one, I hope it went well for you, and that you have all had a chance to get a break during the swat vac.

What did I achieve in April?

I had the privilege of speaking with the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and with a number of  Professors from UniSA, who were attending the Mt. Gambier graduation on April 7.  Myself and 7 other students were invited to come and talk about our journey to Uni, and why we are studying here, and to discuss the challenges we face studying at a regional campus.  I had to opportunity to address the key issues;

  • opening hours
  • quiet study zones
  • lack of services in comparison to city campuses
  • limited opportunity for expanding our professional development etc.

I further discussed the need to increase our profile as a Uni in our local region and find ways to engage with our community better.  I believe the attendees genuinely listened to all students who participated, and I look forward to further building bridges between the regional and city campuses.


We will be having our Unitopia event on Wednesday May 3, from 11-2pm, free lunch, mindfulness activities and I am hoping to get a small group from the James Morrison Jazz Academy, UniSA, to come and play.

Engaging with students and staff

I have continued to connect with as many students and staff as I can, I take time to sit and talk with students to understand what their needs are and what they want for activities and events. The profile of my role and USASA is growing and increasingly students are becoming aware of why we are here.

Meetings with Ian McKay

I continue to regularly meet with Ian, discussing current activities and plans, and any needs or concerns which arise from students.  Ian has been very supportive with concerns and requests which arise, including providing little things such as spoons and extra coffee when we run out.

We also met with a small group of students to plan and prepare activities, this included a brainstorming session for future activities and making a plan for students to attend the Mt. Gambier race day in May, and we are planning an activity for the Melbourne Cup.

Myself and Ian are in the process of negotiating student needs on campus, including; extended hours, quite study zones, activities and events that students want and the provision of things such as, a vending machine.


Planned Activities

1/4       Board meeting

3/4       Unitopia event

Mt Gambier race day




One thought on “April Report – Julie Baum, Mt Gambier

  1. Georgina Smith July 10, 2017 / 1:39 am

    hi, i would like to put forward another issue/ challenge for students studying at a regional campus that i think may not be well addressed and wish to put it forward to you….
    my issue/challenge is the that a majority of students at mount gambier; my self included, have to travel various distances; for instance 1-2 hours to come to campus, add to this the fact that some students loose half an hour on the way home when crossing the border this adds another strain to travel to uni. however most of us accept that this is life when your a student in a regional community. my point in explaining this is that 1-2 hours is a long way to drive if you don’t already have to head into town for uni for tutorials/class; so if you are doing a course that is entirely online but requires a fair bit of printing that you can’t do at home this posses a challenge. i have often resorted to going to my local library which is a 30 minutes away in order to do my printing, of course i have to pay; i once had to pay up to $85 for the amount of printing required by one course. because i didn’t have the time in my day to travel a 3 hour round trip and spend time at uni printing. so possible solutions: a unisa partnership with local libraries to enable free or concessional printing, scholarship/allowance for printing for those disadvantaged by distance… theses are just ideas; and i have no idea how to see them established or even if it is possible. but i thought you might be able to do something?


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