March-April Report by Izik Nehow (ML)


6 March – Governance Committee Meeting, USASA Board Meeting; the Governance Committee was extremely productive particularly when discussing the prospect of creating a student representative council (SRC).

7 March – ClubsFest (City West)

9 March – ClubsFest (Magill)

15 March – ClubsFest (Mawson Lakes)

16 March ClubsFest (City East)

21 March – Meeting with Jordan Mumford; Jordan and I discussed the the idea of tendering for a lease at Mawson Lakes (where the Caf currently is) for 2018 for a, would be, student-run cafe which would be a more permanent solution to providing students with more options and equity when it comes to food on campus. At the moment, we’re waiting on more information about the tender process.

22 March – National Day of Action, Student Catch Ups, Club Networking; it was great to see so many students from across universities all over the country come out to protest for a more equitable education and against education funding cuts, as well as course cuts and restructures.  

Jordan Mumford and I engage with students during Brekky Bar as part of our monthly catch up with students to see how they’re going and talk about or answer any concerns or queries they may have.  

USASA held a networking event for club executive members and USASA representatives to help increase the engagement and communication between club’s and the USASA Board. It was great to hear not only about some different concerns some people had (and that I hadn’t heard of), but solutions to problems too which will definitely be taken back to the Club’s sub-committee.

24 March – Academic Board Meeting


3 April –  Governance Committee Meeting, USASA Board Meeting

8 April to 23 April – University holidays

14 April to 2 May – Interstate travel

Overall, April was an extremely quiet month in terms of USASA. I had a lot of assessments and tests during this time so my time and effort was spent on completing those.


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