Magill Rep Activity Report April 2017

Hi guys!

On April 7 I was elected unopposed to be the USASA Student Representative of Magill Campus, a position that had previously been vacant. I would like to thank everyone at USASA for accommodating me so quickly and welcoming me with open arms. Starting at this position in the middle of the academic year presents some challenges, but I am focused on quickly getting myself up to speed with the role.

Currently I am a second year student at Magill studying a double of Journalism and International Relations. Further information about me can be found on the USASA website under the Student Board tab.

So far I have met with several people in USASA as I continue finding my feet. On April 10 I had a meeting with Kayla (President) and Daniel (General Manager) where I was given information on the board structure, student welfare programs, and other committees.

As well as being on the USASA committee I am also sitting on the Clubs Committee which has its next meeting on April 26.

In the second week of the mid-semester break I traveled to City West Campus to meet with Bridget (Support Officer) and be given my portfolio, and later that day met with Luis (Advocacy Program Manager) to do my Advocacy training.

Two days later I was fortunate enough to meet Louise (Post-Grad Officer) over coffee and discuss upcoming events and plans for the Magill Campus.

Next month Unitopia will be coming to Magill on Wednesday May 17 and I will be there helping. I hope to engage with many students as they take a well-earned break from study and enjoy the many activities we have lined up.

See you then!


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