April Postgraduate Report

Hi Postgrads!

This month I have spent some time as the Acting President of USASA, while Kayla has been on leave. I’ve been working hard with the Women’s committee to develop, plan, and organise our proposal for a Consent stall at UniTopia. This week I attended a meeting, at which the stall was approved, and now I am working on organising it, organising volunteers, and developing the plan and budget. It’s been a busy time, while I do a lot of “behind-the-scenes” work. Hopefully next month, my work will come to fruition with the Consent stall and some other projects that I’m currently working on. Please come along to UniTopia when it’s on your campus, and drop past the Consent stall to say hello to me! Read below for everything else I’ve been doing this month…

April 3rd – SSAF Working Bee

  • Members of the working bee (student representatives) discussed and brainstormed for USASA’s application for 2018’s SSAF (student services and amenities fee)
  • The university allocates the SSAF funding to a number of sources, and USASA applies for this funding each year

April 3rd – Women’s committee

  • Julie (Mt Gambier representative) stepped down as convenor of the committee
  • I was nominated as the convenor of the committee
  • We discussed our proposal to have a Consent stall (regarding sexual health) at UniTopia, and we have presented this proposal to the UniTopia planning committee

April 3rd – Governance committee

April 3rd – USASA Board meeting

April 3rd – President and Vice President’s meeting

April 4th – Yarrow Place “Recognising and Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Assault and Rape” full-day training

  • Kayla and I (along with some USASA staff members) attending a training day presented by Yarrow Place.
  • The training focused on the skills necessary for “first-point-of-contact” people for students, such as student representatives, security officers, and other staff of the university

April 12th – Discussions with the president of CAPA – the Council of Australian Postgraduate Students

  • Email discussions with the president about the benefits and costs of affiliation with CAPA
  • Conducting research online about CAPA
  • Discussions with Bridget Laffy around preparing a paper to present to the board
  • Discussions with the Flinders University Union Postgraduate Student Representative about CAPA, and information on which university unions/associations have affiliated with CAPA

April 13th – University Council

  • As always, University Council is a great way for me to give my input into decisions the university makes about important issues
  • I spent a long time reading through the papers for the council this month (which are usually a few hundred pages long!)
  • I had a nice chat with the Vice Chancellor of the university, who is very open to hearing my ideas about ways that we can improve the university

April 14th – Reusable coffee cups are now available for purchase online and at the Magill counter!

  • This is something I worked on last month with the USASA counter and marketing staff/managers
  • Link for online purchase: https://usasa.sa.edu.au/Products/1103
  • We are trialling this at Magill to see if students are interested before (hopefully) rolling it out across all campuses!

April 20th – Meeting with Ryan, our new Magill Representative

  • It was great to meet Ryan and discuss the current events happening at UniSA, and particularly Magill

April 21st – Meeting with Bridget Laffy – USASA Student Representative Support Officer

  • Discussions about CAPA, USASA committees, and other current projects

April 21st – Meeting with the Wellbeing Communications Group about the Women’s Committee proposed stall for UniTopia

  • The Women’s committee has been working hard to organise a stall at UniTopia, in which we talk to students about consent and sexual health
  • Today the proposal was accepted by the organisers of UniTopia

Planned activities for next month:

1st May – Women’s committee meeting, governance committee meeting, USASA board meeting

3rd May – Policy review working group to review UniSA’s sexual harassment policies

9th – 17th May – UniTopia at City West, City East, Mawson Lakes and Magill! I will be busy in this period, organising and running the Women’s committee consent stall

29th May – Policy review working group to review UniSA’s sexual harassment policies

Activities not yet scheduled:

President and Vice Presidents meeting

Other tasks I do each month:

Convenor of Women’s committee – prepare agenda for each meeting

Minute secretary of Governance committee – take minutes at meeting and prepare minutes each month

Many small meetings/discussions with Kayla, Bridget (Student Representative Support Officer of USASA), and Daniel (General Manager of USASA)


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