March Mount Gambier Representative report – Julie Baum

USASA Report – Julie Baum Student Representative

Summary of activity

March has been very hectic, my plan was to connect with as many students as possible and build the profile of USASA and my role here in Mt Gambier.  I was able to engage with a large number of students across year levels and classes, this included a presentation specifically for the IPP class to help support their transition into Uni.

I was fortunate to have a meeting with our new campus manager, Ian McKay, we discussed Uni as a whole, us in the community, and the current student needs (including events and activities) and challenges.  Through this and engaging with students, I was able to identify the key issues for student cohort.  I presented this information to Ian, through this Ian discussed us working together to gather data through a face to face survey regarding opening hours (I have so far collected more than 120 responses).  We also discussed pre-organised events (usually held at Uni), and what do we the students want, so we have a meeting scheduled for all students to participate in to brainstorm ideas.

Engaging with Ian has been very productive, Ian wants to connect with students and understand the challenges regional students face.  I know that if we work together, we can build a more inclusive, engaging and positive experience for students at Uni.

I have been very busy planning and organizing the Pac-Crawl, there has been a lot of interest in this event, and even though we got the advertising up and running a little late, I am hoping to get a reasonable attendance.  We decided on diner at the first pub with drinks and nibbles at the next 3 pubs to follow, and a scavenger hunt along the way.

I have also been planning the upcoming Unitopia event to be held on May 3rd, this is a well-being event for students, ideas so far include, mindfulness, physical well-being while at Uni, and of course yummy food.


Planned Activities

27/3     Meeting with Ian McKay students to discuss events and activities and suggestions for student engagement

3/3       Board meeting

3/3       Events committee

3/3       women’s committee,

7/7       Pac crawl



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