March 2017 – Mawson Lakes Rep

Hi everyone!

It was great to meet so many of you this month and hear your ideas, and what you’d like to see from me as your USASA Representative.

What I’ve been up to this month:

ClubsFest Mawson Lakes

What an awesome day ClubsFest was! I was lucky enough to be able to help out with the event, where I had the opportunity to meet students, as well as catch up with club executives. It was a great day with lots of students having the chance to join clubs, enjoy the music, and help themselves to free ice cream.

UniSA Society of Engineers (USASOE) vs Aviation and Aerospace Society (A3SO) – the engineers won.

Student Catch-ups at Brekkie Bar

On the morning of Wednesday the 22nd of March, Izik Nehow (Mawson Lakes Representative) and I had the chance to catch up with students at the Brekkie Bar. We had great discussions with students, where we talked about the importance of the NUS, our plans for the campus, and had the chance to discuss other issues that you raised.

For those of you who don’t know, Brekkie Bar operates out of The Hive (F building), from 8.30am – 11.00am on Wednesday mornings. Izik and I will be organising monthly catch-ups during this time, so look out for the posters around campus and come along to make your voice heard!

NUS National Day of Action

On March 22nd students from all across the country engaged in the NUS National Day of Action to take a stand against university cuts, fee deregulation, cuts to Centrelink, and the recent cuts to penalty rates. Other members of the USASA Board including USASA President Kayla Dickeson, and the other Mawson Lakes Representative Izik Nehow, helped to arrange and put on a free sausage sizzle for students at City West campus, before heading over to Parliament House for the protest.

Here’s some useful information about why it was important that we take a stand against these attacks on students:

Fee Deregulation is not dead. While the government has put full university fee deregulation on the back-burner due to community concern (particularly the strong opposition from the National Union of Students), a 20% funding cut to universities is still on the table. Universities Australia, in its submission on higher education reform, said the cut would drive down the quality of universities, and harm the international education market.

Cuts to Centrelink hurt students. Analysis of the 2016 NUS and Headspace Student Wellbeing Survey, which had over 3,300 responses, showed that 62% of respondents were unable to receive financial assistance from Centrelink due to the Age of Independence being set at 22, 57% of students in receipt of Centrelink have been left waiting on the phone for excessively long periods of time, and 32% of students on Centrelink have experienced delayed payments, forcing them to borrow money from family, friends and in some cases, take out loans to make ends meet.

Penalty rates cuts hurt young workers. The Fair Work Commissions cuts to the take-home pay of hospitality, retail, pharmacy and fast food workers impact students most. Research shows that nearly 40% of young people rely on penalty rates to survive. Given ABS statistics show that wage growth in the private sector is at an all-time low and that the cost of living is at an all-time high, this cut to the income of some of the lowest-paid workers is even more disgraceful. There is no evidence to suggest that reducing penalty rates will lead to net employment growth.

From left to right: FUSA President – Jordon O’Reilly, myself, Adelaide Uni SRC General Secretary – Maddee Knill, Adelaide Uni SRC Ethnocultural Officer – Ali Amin

USASA Club Welcome Event

The USASA Club Welcome Event was a great opportunity to meet with club executives and discuss what they’d like to see from us as student representatives. It was fantastic to see so many clubs out at the event, and I’m keen to work with you all throughout the year. I will communicate the feedback received from the clubs to the other members of the clubs committee during our upcoming meeting. I look forward to working with the Clubs Sub Committee Convener, Natansh Modi (City East Representative), on our shared goals of reforming USASA Clubs.

Other things I’ve Been up to:

  • Formal Inquiry – 02/03/17
  • USASA Board Meeting – 06/03/17
  • Meeting with Izik Nehow (Mawson Lakes Representative) – 21/03/17
  • Meeting with Bridget Laffy (Student Representative Support Officer) – 21/03/17
  • Meeting with Maddee Knill (NUS SA State Branch President) – 21/03/17
  • Formal Inquiry – 23/03/17

That’s all for now, if you guys see me on campus then come and say hey! In the mean time if any of you have any issues or concerns feel free to send me an email on

Planned Activities

  • Executive Committee Meeting – NUS Welfare Campaign – 28/03/17
  • Clubs Committee Meeting – 29/03/17
  • USASA Board Meeting – 03/04/17
  • Recognsise and Respond Training Session – 04/04/17
  • KPI Meeting with Kayla Dickeson (USASA President) and Daniel Randell (USASA General Manager) – 06/04/17
  • Warehouse Party Committee Meeting #2 – 07/04/17
  • Reaching Consensus – Batyr and USASA – 11/04/17
  • Student Experience – Networking and Pitching – 11/04/17
  • Student Leadership – Conscious Leadership & Emotional Intelligence – 12/04/17
  • Student Catch-ups – Date TBA


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