March 2017 Board Report

Hi everyone! With another busy month gone by, I’m back to report on what been going on.


We started off the month with our second board meeting on the 3rd of March. We had a special guest presentation from Dr Laura-Anne Bull on student engagement with the university which I enjoyed listening to.

I attended our first Finance committee meeting, where our other City East Rep, Natansh is the convener. Essentially, Nick Anderson, the financial representative of the board, gave us all a “crash course” in finance. It was a very intense hour long meeting to say the least.


ClubsFest also happened this past month over all four campuses. There was a huge range of social, academic, sporting and cultural clubs for everyone to join-a great way to get more involved and make the most of university life. I joined the UniSA Young Labors Club!


On the 22nd of March, the National Union of Students held a National Day of Action: Make Education Free Again. It was a great feeling, attending my first ever march! About 120 students gathered in front of Parliament House to protest. We heard from a number of speakers, including Tammy Franks (MLC Greens) and our very own USASA President, Kayla talk about how education should be a right regardless from where you come from or your financial status. Education should be free and accessible because let’s face it-education is affordable many times over for this government.


On the 23rd of March, Natansh and I met with the new student  representative support officer, Bridget. We discussed our plans and goals for the upcoming year, the main one being student welfare. As I mentioned in my last board report, student welfare is an important issue as currently two thirds of university students are living below the Henderson Poverty Line, and 1 in 5 students are regularly skipping meals. This is why the Brekkie Bar is so important to have on our uni campuses. Natansh and I are now brainstorming ideas to make Brekkie Bar free and are in the process of contacting the manager of Brekkie are to discuss possible options. Another point of discussion with Bridget is the student catch-ups.


We have our first City East catch-up approaching. It will be held in the student lounge in the Playford Building this Wednesday 29th of March, 2-4pm. Come and meet us to chat about any issues and questions you have about university life-we are here to make your life on campus just a little bit easier!


Upcoming activities for the next month:

  • SSAF Working Bee
  • Board Meeting
  • Finance Meeting
  • Meet your City East Reps
  • USASA Pac-Crawl


~Han Nguyen


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