March Postgraduate Report

Hi everyone! Another busy month! If you haven’t completed my postgraduate student survey yet, please do! I promise it will take only 3 or 4 minutes. Access it here

By filling out the survey, you get a say in what kind of event I will hold for the postgraduate students this year! I am thinking of holding it in October so that there is lots of time to plan an AMAZING event!

I have been attending a lot of meetings this month, helping new students to settle in and working hard on some of my ideas to improve the student experience. Read below for the details! (in chronological order)

28/02 Presentation at Research Degrees orientation

I gave a presentation to all of the incoming research degrees students about USASA and my role as postgraduate representative

28/02 KPI (key performance indicator) meeting with Kayla

I met with Kayla about my goals for the year. One of my main goals is to research CAPA (the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations) and see whether affiliating to CAPA will be useful for USASA and for postgraduate students

28/02 President and Vice President’s meeting with Kayla

02/03 Attended school of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy Higher Degree by Research orientation

Introduced myself and gave an introduction to USASA

06/03 Women’s committee meeting

First meeting of the year, discussed plans for the year. Our main goals are to 1) lobby the university for women’s rooms on campus and 2) to have an event or stall providing information around consent

I am the minute secretary for this committee so I noted the minutes and prepared them after the meeting

06/03 Governance committee meeting

First meeting of the year, reviewing current policies

I am the minute secretary for this committee so I noted the minutes and prepared them after the meeting

06/03 USASA Board meeting

I really enjoyed the presentation from Dr Laura-Anne Bull, the Pro Vice Chancellor: Student Engagement and Equity around student engagement and what students want from the university

I also gave the board some information about my visit to Monash university (including the Monash Student Union and Monash Postgraduate Association)

15/03 Discussion with the Flinders University Student Union postgraduate representative about CAPA (Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations)

We discussed affiliation and other matters

15/03 Discussion of possibly selling KeepCups at USASA counters to promote sustainability

Emailed Donna (who manages the USASA counters), Daniel (USASA general manager) and Georgie (marketing) with an initial proposal of the idea

16/03 University Council meeting

After the meeting I discussed the Respect.Now.Always national university student survey on sexual assault and sexual harassment with Professor David Lloyd, the Vice Chancellor of UniSA. The results of this national survey will be available at the end of May and the university will be reviewing the results and making plans for action as necessary. I also brought up the possibility of having women’s rooms on campus and we briefly discussed this.

17/03 Meeting with Bridget, the incoming Student Representative Support Officer

We discussed some of my goals from the year and how Bridget can support me with these. We will be focusing on the postgraduate student survey, and how we can run the event that YOU get to choose by voting in the survey! We will also work together to keep researching CAPA and get some information about affiliation.


Attended protest – it was great! We heard from some amazing speakers about the effect that higher education costs have on students, and heard about other countries that have made higher education free (like Germany and Chile)

Some of my planned activities for next month:

  • President and Vice presidents meeting
  • SSAF working bee – USASA representatives to discuss the student services and amenities fees allocation for next year
  • Women’s committee
  • Governance committee
  • USASA board meeting
  • University Council meeting
  • Present Women’s committee event proposal to the UniTopia committee (an event that USASA holds every year)
  • Keep collecting data for my postgraduate student survey
  • Keep working on KeepCup proposal
  • Keep working on CAPA research

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