February City West Activity Report

It has been fantastic to settle into my role as your City West Representative. So much has already been happening. From Orientation to attending formal inquiries, I’m working hard to make 2017 a great year for City West.

One thing I have noticed at formal inquiries is a lack of understanding of how to reference correctly. While it may be confusing knowing how to reference, it is a vital skill that ensures the work you produce is genuine and properly acknowledges the sources you have used. The best resource to go to for advice on referencing is the Roadmap to Referencing. Alternatively, you can also seek advice from your course coordinators and tutors. There are plenty of resources available so please make sure you use them.

On a final note, make sure you keep a look out for our monthly listening post, which will be coming very soon. This will be a great chance for you to come and have a chat on a regular basis with your City West Representatives. And remember you can always get in touch with me at any time by email.

Have a read below of some of things I’ve been up to in the last couple of weeks and as most of us settle back into the rhythm of life on campus, I wish you all well with your studies for the upcoming year.

10/2 – Board Induction

I attended a Board Induction meeting where I met Brendan Hughes (Director, Student Engagement Unit), Claire Colebeck (Project Officer Student Engagement, Division of EASS) and Nadia Rajic (Manager of Student Wellbeing SEU). It was great to learn about these important areas of the university and the changes that are going on. Particular highlights were on the fantastic current and new concepts being explored in the area of student health and wellbeing.

13/2 – Meeting with USASA President, Kayla Dickeson

I met with Kayla to discuss my 2017 goals to help create a better student experience. I’m hoping to make progress in areas of health and wellbeing at City West, with a strong focus on cutting the smoking rate among students and encouraging more cycling to and from campus. I will also be working hard to run an awareness campaign on the issue of Public Transport, to ensure students are avoiding unnecessary fines by carrying the right MetroCard. I’ll also be open to ideas at the monthly listening posts I intend to run along with Monamee, the other City West Representative.

22/2 & 23/2 – Orientation at Magill and City West

Meeting new students at City West Orientation

There was a real positive buzz in the air at both Magill and City West during Orientation. I had the chance to meet hundreds of new students, and to give away the 2017 USASA Diary, which was (as always) in high demand. If you didn’t get one, they are available from USASA Counters on every campus.

I want to take this chance to thank all the staff and volunteers that help out with Orientation. Without their hard work, the events would not have gone as smoothly as they did. Make sure you check out some of the pictures to relive orientation at your Campus by visiting the USASA Facebook Page.

Ongoing Engagement with Clubs

In my capacity as a member of the USASA Clubs Committee and as the City West Representative, I have reached out to all the clubs and associations at City West. It is my hope that in reaching out, the Board can ensure the needs of clubs at City West are being met. I look forward to meeting many club presidents and members in person over the course of this year to make sure our clubs run as effectively as possible. And don’t forget we also have ClubsFest coming up on different dates across the metro campuses. This is a great way to find out more information about a specific club you may be considering joining.

Next Month’s Planned Activities

  • 02/3 – Finance Committee Meeting
  • 06/3 – Governance Committee Meeting
  • 06/3 – USASA Board Meeting
  • 07/3 – ClubsFest City West
  • 08/3 – UniTopia Committee Meeting
  • 14/3 – Formal Inquiry
  • 24/3 – Academic Board Meeting
  • Date TBC – Monthly Listening Post in the City West Student Lounge

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