January–February Report by Izik Nehow (ML)

Hey everyone!

My names Izik, and I’m your Mawson Lakes Representative for 2017! I’d like to thank everyone for their support and for electing me for a second term. I’m really looking forward to continuing a lot of the work I started last year.

Izik Nehow, Mawson Lakes Representative


So for all of you who may not know, I’m one of your reps that sits on the USASA Board which is the peak student representative body at UniSA that represents and advocates for you, the students! We do the best we can to ensure that your rights as a student are being looked after and that you’re getting the best experience you can out of your university life. In saying that, there’s always ways to improve so if there’s any issues or even ideas you have then please feel free to contact myself at my email: nehiy001@mymail.unisa.edu.au

I hope you all had fun during your long holidays and enjoyed it as much as I did. Inevitably though it’s time to go back to uni unless of course you were an O-Week attendee, in which case, congratulations on getting into your degree! I trust you all got your free diary and familiarised yourself with all the services and events USASA has to offer – if you haven’t picked up your diary yet, make sure to head to your nearest USASA counter and surf through the USASA website to catch up on anything you might of not heard about yet.

While it might of been on holidays, I’ve still been busy with USASA. So here’s what I’ve been up to:


12-16 December – NUS National Conference; The USASA Board sent me to the 2016 National Conference for the NUS, the peak student representative body for tertiary students nationwide! It was a amazing to be able to network as well as discuss and debate policy that affects us all.

Some of the highlighted policy passed was the creation of the ‘Make Education Free Again’ campaign – a campaign focused on fighting government funding cuts to our universities and fighting restructures and the casualization of staff from university management. This is an issue that has constantly been brought up to me particularly within my own school of aviation where restructures have led to four hour long lectures and tutorials that aren’t actually tutorials… yeah exactly, ridiculous.

Another great campaign to come out of National Conference is the ‘You’re Worse Off As A Woman. Fight Back Against The Liberals!’ campaign run by the NUS Women’s Department. The campaign aims to oppose the cuts and changes to education and government policy that negatively and disproportionally affect woman students.


24-25 January – USASA Board Retreat; it was a great opportunity to meet and get to know all the new Board members for the year and discuss all our ideas, priorities, and focuses. It was also good to see my fellow Mawson Lakes Rep, Jordan Mumford show a lot of enthusiasm around my focus to bring more equitable food choices onto campus.


6 FebruaryUSASA Board Meeting, elected as Governance Committee Convenor

13 February – Academic Board meeting; Unable to attend due to personal commitments, sent in apologies

21 FebruaryO-Week; was an amazing time and it was fantastic getting to meet so many of you and talk about what USASA is, the services we provide and awesome events we hold.

22 February – Leave for Interstate travel

24 February – Academic Board meeting; Unable to attend due to interstate travel, sent in apologies

Activities Planned for March 

5 March – Return from interstate travel

6 March – Governance Committee Meeting; USASA Board Meeting

7 March – ClubsFest (City West)

9 March – ClubsFest (Magill)

13 March – Academic Board Meeting

15 March – ClubsFest (Mawson Lakes)

16 March ClubsFest (City East)

22 March – National Day of Action

24 March – Academic Board Meeting

TBC – Meeting with Jordan Mumford regarding restructure survey/food options

TBC – Meeting with President & General Manager (KPI)


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