February Activity Report-City West Rep

Exciting and joyous, that’s how I want to tag the month of February this year after meeting all of you, the enthusiastic bunch of people during the O-week. Once again, welcome to all the new students to the University. All of us (both new and continuing students) would surely have an educative and fun experience at our second home from now on, the City West Campus.

The month of February:

The month of February was eventful and all the reps along with USASA staffs, were busy to make the O-week experience the best for all of you. For me and the new board, the month started with the board meeting where few new decisions were made.

Board meeting: During the meeting, my motion regarding effective communication of students and their respective student reps was accepted unanimously. From now on you’ll get a chance to talk face to face about your issues/concerns directly to your campus reps once in a month. I also nominated myself to sit on the Governance committee, Women’s committee and Academic board meetings along with other reps and participate in the decision making process.

Collaboration with the International Student Rep: On February 07, I joined a meeting with Diana Wong (the International Student Rep) and Rebecca (USASA Staff) and discuss on the possible workshops for the international students in coming days, which Diana is planning for. We reached some decisions and I am excited about the lined up events which would be greatly helpful for the students and looking forward to assist Diana in executing these.

Appeals/Formal inquiries: I sat on inquiries and appeals in different occasions throughout the month and participated in making decisions. These included one preliminary and subsequent divisional appeal as well for which I sat for a whole day meeting (February 24, 2017) along with other academics and met with students. I understand that it is a huge responsibility and I am determined to perform this with due diligence.

O-week: The City West campus celebrated the Campus Day on February 23 and I was at the USASA booth whole day along with Ryan (the other City West Rep) and other USASA staffs and volunteers. It was great to see the excitement in the students and meeting them for the first time as the student rep.

Other activities:  I also joined the UniSA Wellbeing steering committee meeting on February 22, 2017. The committee is working towards students’ wellbeing considering four pillars.

Planned activities for upcoming month:

There are few events already planned for the upcoming month. The upcoming schedule looks like the following as of now,

February 28, 2017: Formal Inquiry

March 06, 2017: Women’s Committee meeting, Governance Committee meeting and Board meeting#2

March 07, 2017: Clubfest at City West

March 08, 2017: Formal Inquiries

Last week of March (Date TBA): The first ‘Student Catch-up’ where both City West reps would meet with students for one hour and have a chat. This is a continuous activity which would be carried out every month.

Looking forward to catch up with you all on the campus in coming days. I’ll keep in touch with you with further updates. Meanwhile, if you have anything to share or any concerns, do not hesitate to contact me via this email: ishmy004@mymail.unisa.edu.au.

Until next time,



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