Feb Activity Report – Julie – Mt Gambier

Ok so what you will discover pretty quickly is I like COFFEE!!!, one thing I know for sure is , I will need a lot more by the end of this year.

It’s been awesome to connect with so many new students, some a bit dazed, some excited and others just trying to process all the info. One thing for sure is they all seem fired up for what’s ahead, which is great to see. Well here’s my report for Feb, see you next month.

Activity Report
Well the end of February is almost here, and for most of us this means the start of a new Uni year. In the last couple of weeks I have been able to organize my office (Student Leadership office), ready for the year ahead, and begin to connect with staff and leadership to create an awareness of USASA and my role.
I attended the USASA Board meeting on Feb 6, this was interesting, (but sorry, long…), that’s ok though, I did learn a lot about the processes and I was able to be involved in discussing proposals. During the board meeting I was nominated for the role of Women’s Committee Convenor, I am looking forward to working with this committee this year and gaining a better understanding of the issues facing female students at UniSA.
As regional students, I am very aware that we sometimes face unique challenges, a number of students have discussed some of these with me and I am hoping to connect with more students in the coming month to gain a better understanding of the specific issues I can address on their behalf.
We had our ‘Open day’ on Monday 20th Feb, I was invited to give a presentation on USASA and my role, I was able to outline both of these to the new incoming students and staff, I stayed for most of the day so that I could chat and help students become familiar with where my office is and why I’m here.

Planned activities
27/02 ‘Welcome Party’ – USASA Stall and giveaways
1/3 Meeting with Ian McKay Regional Manager of UniSA Mt Gambier
March Ongoing, connecting with students and staff
6/3 Board meeting – Adelaide
6/3 Women’s Committee meeting
March    Planning for the ‘Pub Crawl’


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