Feb Activity Report 2017_DW

Oh my days, what a month! I can’t believe there are lot of things happening throughout the month of February. From meetings with the schools to preparation of my plans for international students. I also had done my media training masterclass with Kayla (President) & Louise (Postgraduate) on how do we present ourselves and response via radio and filming. Besides, I was really excited that I got to meet from UniSA Student Engagement Staff, Council of International Student of Australia (CISA) President and Welfare Officer, to Study Adelaide Student Supporter during International Student O-Week Day. I was grateful that I had the opportunity to meet them and discuss my future plans for UniSA International Students. Also, I’m excited to see all the new faces coming to UniSA Orientation.


It was an honoured to have an opportunity to give a Welcome Speech and give a presentation about USASA, along with my co-presenter Valerie Claire.


Working together with one of my greatest friend at City East Campus


Working together with the volunteers and reps side by side during O-Week  at City East Campus. 🙂

And that is my summary on what I have done. If anyone has suggestions or awesome ideas to share, please email me: wonxy006@mymail.unisa.edu.au. If not, I will see you all at March. All the best!!

For more information about what I did throughout February 2017: march-2017_boardreport

Warms regards,

Diana Wong 🙂





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