Feb 2017 Board Report

Hi everyone!

This month was very productive. We had our first board meeting-my first ever-where joined the finance committee, which Natansh nominated as our convener and our first meeting is coming up this Thursday 2nd of March.

I also had a meeting with Kayla and Daniel, where I discussed my KPIs for my term as a student representative. Student welfare was my main focus and I talked to them about my suggestions. Coming from a family where I spoke mainly English and my parents didn’t, I discussed how I struggled with dealing with social services such as Centrelink in addition to other conventional tasks such as tax returns, which may seem trivial, but without being taught how to do were quite difficult. I thought it would be helpful if there was a stall/workshop on how to deal with this, or someone to contact if we have any problems. With regards to tax-returns, last year, there was an ATO stall which came to City West campus to help students and we talked about potentially expanding it to all campuses this hear for all students to participate if they want to. Another topic of discussion was internships. As a clinical health student, I have placements blocks each year which is gives me experience and somewhat my pathway into a job after I graduate. However, after talking to some friends doing other programs at UniSA who don’t have university planned placements or internships, they say they struggle finding work after graduation. I would like to change this, with most/all university degrees to have compulsory planned placements or internships. We are looking into this and I’ll report back with any progress.

Prior to O’Week events, which ran very smoothly, we had a briefing session where we prepared for meeting the students. On Friday 24th of February, I, along with Natansh, Kayla, Diana and other USASA volunteers were at the City East USASA stall, talking to new (and current) students, asking for any suggestions or recommendations on what they’d like to see on campus, letting them know that we are here to represent them and here for any issues with joining campus life-or to point them to the right direction if we weren’t able to directly help. There, we gave out 2017 diaries and planners when students downloaded the USASA app-full of exclusive student discounts!

Other events that are coming our way soon is the USASA Pac-Man Pub Crawl and all students from all campuses are welcome to join. It is on the 7th of April and we hope to see you there!

Overall, it has been a productive February, our next board meeting is on the 6th of March and I’ll report back after that.

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