Postgrad Feb + Survey

Hi postgrads!

What a month! We had our first board meeting for 2017, which led to lots of great discussion. I was elected by the board to be the Vice President of USASA for 2017, which is a great honour. I also joined the Governance and Women’s committees.

Postgraduate student survey

The biggest thing I’ve been working on this month is creating the Postgraduate Student Survey. If you’re a postgraduate student, I’d love for you to fill it out! It should take you 3-5 minutes and asks some questions about you, your studies, and what kind of events you’d like to attend.

I am able to put on one big event for the postgraduate students this year, and I’d like it to be the event of your choosing, so please take the time to do the survey!

Access it here:

Read below to see all the other things I’ve been up to…

University Council

On Thursday 23/02, Kayla and I attended our first University Council meeting! The first half of the day was spent reviewing the University’s “Crossing the Horizon” strategy, with discussion from all divisions and campuses of the university. Read more about “Crossing the Horizon” here:

We then had our first council meeting, and also got to tour the construction site of Pridham Hall, which is being built next to Jeffry Smart building at City West!

Media training masterclass

This month I also attended a Media training masterclass with Kayla (president) and Diana (international rep), where we learned how to interact with the media in many situations. These included radio interviews, TV interviews, and press conferences. This is a great skill to have, as we represent the students and our association. It’s important that we have the skills to present our thoughts/ideas clearly and concisely.

Visiting Monash University

I went to Monash University (Clayton) in Melbourne, and met with Jessica Stone, secretary for the Monash Student Union. I also met with Jennifer Reeder, the Executive Officer for the Monash Postgraduate Association. Interestingly, this university has a separate student association for undergraduate and postgraduate students (however Monash university is MUCH bigger than UniSA). I also learned about the services that the associations provide to students, and took away some great ideas for our student association that I will be discussing with the board at the next board meeting.

UniSA Equity Office discussion

I also e-met (met over email) Karen Hunt from the university’s equity office. We will have a meeting in a few weeks to discuss how the equity office might be able to support postgraduate students. I will wait until I have more responses on the survey, so that I can present these results to Karen.

Welcome to all of the new students – hopefully I met some of you at the USASA stalls during O-week! And I hope to meet some of you at the Research Degrees Orientation day too.

Other things I’ve been up to:

  • President and Vice-President’s monthly meeting
  • Continued preparing for my presentation next Tuesday at the Research Degrees Orientation.
  • Provided feedback on USASA student board social media code of conduct
  • Provided feedback on USASA social media policy
  • Provided feedback on Pub crawl risk assessment (USASA’s Pacman pubcrawl!)

Some of the things I have planned for the upcoming month (end of Feb and March):

  • President and Vice-President’s monthly meeting
  • Presentation at Research Degrees Orientation
  • KPI (Key performance indicator) meeting with Kayla and Daniel (USASA general manager)
  • Analysing data from the postgraduate student survey
  • Meeting with Karen Hunt (UniSA equity office)
  • Womens committee meeting
  • Governance committee meeting
  • Board meeting – and present to the board the information I gathered during my visit to Monash Uni
  • UniSA Council meeting
  • Research CAPA (Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations) and what benefits postgraduate students may receive if I work to affiliate with this association

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