Welcome all new students to the Whyalla University Campus

I was really impressed with the energy of the new students as they strolled in for their official first day at Uni, sitting at the USASA table I knew this was their first encounter with the Student Association. As they looked at what was available to take for free, most picked up the condom packet from shine thinking it was a set of matches or a badge, they turned the packet to read the fine print only to have a great surprise, you know who you are.

To learn about my role, it’s best to visit https://usasa.sa.edu.au/ and check out what we are all about, we are here to help and to make you have fun. We are independent from the University. As I mentioned our Uni plays mixed Netball on Mondays and mixed Volleyball on Tuesdays, great effort to Gemma Todd who came out for her first Netball game for the Uni on Monday, we have won the first three matches. Please remember to join our Facebook pages UniSA Whyalla Campus Student Page – 2017 and UniSA Whyalla Sporting page, please request to join and you will be added quickly. You are extremely fortunate to be studying at a small campus where help is readily available, for instance Campus Central, Lauren Haddow (Regional Student Support Officer), the Library, Paul Havelberg (Regional Manager) and Me, we are all here to help and support your time at Uni. Don’t underestimate the amount of work it takes to get your qualification, don’t waste a minute, smash the work out, then celebrate.

I look forward to March to plan something with two wheels, if you have one, make sure you get out with it before daylight savings finishes in early April.

Take care





One thought on “Welcome all new students to the Whyalla University Campus

  1. louisekyriaki February 24, 2017 / 7:57 am

    The USASA stall at Whyalla looked great Kemal!


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