Mt Gambier-January Activity Report- Julie Baum



Summary of activity

I have had a great start to my role as USASA student representative for Mt Gambier Campus.  In late January, I attended our USASA retreat, this was an opportunity to build both a professional and personal relationship with my fellow board members and the USASA team, all of who were friendly and engaging. I have just returned to Uni today, where I was able to catch up with Mark who was our ‘Event’ organizer last year.  Unfortunately, as this program will not be available this year, we discussed how this might impact our campus, and possible ideas for future events through USASA. I will be catching up with as many students as possible in the next month to discuss this, and other issues, which the student body consider to be applicable here.

24/1 – 25/1  –  USASA Retreat

The retreat enabled me to gain insight into the role of a USASA rep, while also being given the tools (policies and procedures), and support (team building and getting to know staff), I will need to fulfil my role.  One of the key activities at the retreat, was understanding and discussing our individual (and in turn, our team) dynamics, this was developed through psychology personality testing. This provided each of us with an understanding of our personality styles, how we can best work together, understanding each other’s strengths and how we can best use this to work as a cooperative team.

Planned activities

20/2  –  ‘O’ Week, USASA presentation and stall

February  –  connect with as many students as possible to represent myself and my role, and begin to develop an understanding of student’s needs

February  –  connect with as many staff as possible, ‘as above’

February  –  connect with on campus lecturers/tutors to request attendance at lectures/tutorials for each of the studies available (teaching, social work, nursing, business) to present a brief 3 minute presentation on the USASA role, for new and existing students.



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