January President’s Report

Hello all!


Happy to introduce myself as the new University of South Australia Student Association President for 2017. January so far has been spent setting up for the new year and getting ready for the students to come back in March. USASA has been busy preparing for events such as O’Week and ClubsFest at the beginning of the semester. I’ve had various meetings with the USASA staff to map out the year and focus on what our strategic goals for the year are. I have been meeting with the UniSA Wellbeing team to map out how USASA can engage with the Wellbeing Action Plan being rolled out in 2017, with a particular interest in the mental health and sexual violence on-campus campaigns and initiatives.

I have also been engaging with the state and local Education Action Group meetings to discuss how USASA might be able to support students at UniSA in terms of academic issues; and to map out any possible campaigns for the year that could benefit UniSA students. I have also engaged with the NTEU on this matter as well. I have also been contacting and meeting different Heads of Schools to see how USASA can engage with student representation in each school, advocate for student representation if that is absent, and to engage student representatives from each school in the USASA Education Collective in progress. Also on the cards is International Women’s Day at UniSA for 2017 on the 8th of March.


At the end of the month we had our USASA Board Retreat which was incredibly productive, with a big focus on the work that the USASA Advocacy Team helps provide for students who are facing Academic Reviews, Formal Inquiries and possible preclusion. Invaluable training was provided to USASA Board Representatives who will be attending these committee meetings throughout the year to advocate on behalf of USASA for the Academic Integrity cases. We all had fun learning (or refreshing, for returning Board members) about what the different sections of USASA do in terms of Advocacy, Events, Marketing; and the overall structure of USASA as well as NUS. We as a group decided our strategic objectives for the year and talked about how to engage students to build an active student presence at UniSA. Some amazing ideas were put forward around wellbeing, such as mental health initiatives, support for diverse students, engaging regional campuses and more! Further, supporting student representatives throughout the year to be active and engaged was a core focus of the retreat.   


I’m looking forward to a really productive year and getting excited to meet all the new students at O’Week and ClubsFest in February and March! I’m keen to meet everyone and have also been organising lecture presentations across the various schools and divisions to introduce myself and USASA to students. More on what I’ve been doing and what I’ve got planned is in my monthly meetings!  


Activity – January

05/01/2017 – Meeting with Well-Being Manager to discuss Sexual Violence Working Group

09/01/2017 – Meeting with student to discuss how USASA Advocacy works, how USASA can help

11/01/2017 – Meeting with Well-Being Manager to discuss Well-Being Action Plan

12/01/2017 – State Education Action Group meeting to discuss Education campaigns for South Australia in 2017

13/01/2017 – Meeting with General Manager Daniel Randell and Marketing Team Georgina Smith and Joseph Nes to discuss strategic goals of Marketing for USASA and the USASA Board

16/01/2017 – Meeting with the Marketing School Board to discuss USASA Education Collective

17/01/2017 – UniSA Education Action Group meeting to discuss Education campaigns for UniSA in 2017

18/01/2017 – Meeting with Juliet Fuller from the National Tertiary Education Union UniSA Branch to discuss Education campaigns in 2017

19/01/2017 – Meeting with Events Team Tracy Fisher and Rebekka Rechten to discuss International Women’s Day at UniSA

20/01/2017 – Interview with City Mag about the higher education movement

24-25/01/2017 – USASA Board Retreat

27/01/2017 – Meeting with School of Commerce School Board to discuss USASA Education Collective


Activity – Planned

TBA – Finance Committee, Governance Committee, Women’s Committee, Clubs Committee, Events and Marketing Committee, Welfare Collective, Education Collective

TBA – KPIs with Board Members

30/01/2017 – Meeting with Sophie Diamandi from the Equity Office to discuss the role of Equity Officers; Meeting with General Manager Daniel Randell and International Representative Diana Wong to discuss International student’s event

31/01/2017 – Meeting with General Manager Daniel Randell and Student Engagement Unit Director Brendan Hughes to discuss USASA and SEU collaboration; State Education Action Group meeting to continue to plan Education campaigns  

06/02/2017 – President and General Manager catch-up; Meeting with School of Education to discuss USASA Education Collective; USASA Board Meeting   

10/02/2017 – UniSA Staff Forum

20-24/02/2017 – Orientation Week

27/02/2017 – USASA Presentation City East; Mount Gambier Welcome Party

28/02/2017 – Student Leadership Group, School of Nursing and Midwifery Meeting – Presentation about USASA Education Collective

01/03/2017 – Whyalla Welcome Party

02/03/2017 – Metro Campus Welcome Party

07/03/2017 – City West ClubsFest

08/03/2017 – Formal Inquiry City West; USASA Presentation City East  

09/03/2017 – Magill ClubFest

15/03/2017 – Mawson Lakes ClubsFest

16/03/2017 – City East ClubFest




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