Postgraduate rep – Jan report

Hi everyone!

We’ve just returned from our USASA board retreat, where all of the USASA student representatives work together for two days to undertake intensive training, workshop ideas, and get to know each other! I am feeling so motivated and excited to begin enacting change within our organisation and within the university. I have already been working hard to settle into my role. Something I am really excited about is attending my first University Council meeting.

A few things that I’ve been doing are….


Meeting Dr Penny Moore to discuss my role on the University Council

As the postgraduate student representative, I have the opportunity to sit on the University Council, which is the principal governing body of the university. The University Council approves policies, reviews operations of the uni, oversee management and development, and more. It’s a huge responsibility and both Kayla and I (president of USASA) get to sit on this council to represent the students of the uni.


Working on a presentation that I am going to give to the new postgraduate research students at their Research Degrees Orientation day.

I have been creating a PowerPoint presentation about USASA that details all the service we offer. I will also be participating in a Q&A discussion about what it’s like to be a postgraduate student

Discussions with a local business about ways to provide cheap and healthy food to students (in this instance, the Magill campus).

We are trying to find a way to get new vendors onto the university grounds that can provide healthy options for students, including vegan, halal and gluten free. This is one of my main goals for this year, so I will be working throughout the year to make this happen. Izik (Mawson Lakes representative) has been working really hard on this goal over the past year, so I hope that we can work together to see some changes soon!


Attending the Board Retreat.

Some ideas that arose from the retreat were helping the campus be more environmentally friendly by selling glass drink bottles and “Keep Cups” (reusable coffee cups) at the USASA counters. If you have any ideas on ways to help our uni become more environmentally friendly, please let me know!

I also developed an idea along with Diana (International representative) and some USASA staff members about creating an informational database regarding health and wellbeing providers in Adelaide.

This could provide information about doctors such as: where is the closest doctor to your campus; which doctors bulk bill; which doctors are LGBTQI+ friendly; which doctors are drug and alcohol friendly; which doctors are female. It could also provide information about nearby mental health professionals such as; which psychologists are nearby; how long are the waiting lists; psychologists that are a part of your community/culture/belief system. While this database is still in the ideas phase, I would love to get some suggestions about whether you think it would be a good idea, and whether you would use it. Perhaps there could be an online version of this database, and then a modified miniature version that is printed out as booklet?

Our first ever board meeting is on the 6th of January, so I can’t wait to report back to you after that!

Please feel free to contact me about anything, anytime, through .

Until next month,



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