November and December Report

The last couple of months of the year were packed with final assignments, USASA and conferences! Students were going through their final exams, so the Board helped out at our USASA Examinaid shifts, providing students with free pens, calculators and a shoulder to cry on throughout the exam period. USASA looked toward 2017, beginning to map out our events for the year. Some members of the Board including myself worked on our proposal to make USASA’s Brekky Bar free, coming up with a long-term plan for 2017. I attended the final Academic Board and Divisional Academic Group committee meetings for the year. December was mostly taken up by preparing and participating in the National Union of Students National Conference, where a vast and substantial amount of policy was debated and adopted by NUS across the different departments and areas; including but not limited to the “Make Education Free Again” campaign, a continuation of the campaign against sexual assault and harassment on university campuses and the Well-being campaign. All in all a good conference was had!

Thank you,




USASA Events Meeting – Planning USASA Events for 2017


Brekky Bar Meeting – Planning Session

Governance Committee Meeting

Board Meeting


Meeting with PERSONA about International Students Blog/Magazine


USASA Examinaid Shift


Meeting with Unite Leadership team


USASA Examinaid Shift


Academic Board Meeting


DAPAG Committee Meeting



Formal Inquiry


National Union of Students National Conference


Meeting with Pro-Vice Chancellor Laura-Anne


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