City West – November Activity Report

Hey everyone!

November was certainly a busy month for me with all my exams, so I wasn’t able to contribute back as much as I liked. It’s something that definitely sucks with having 4 exams every single semester. I’m sure some of you can relate; it feels like 3 weeks of my life just gets trapped in this bubble of exams and it’s all that your world revolves around.

I hope everyone got the grades they (hopefully) worked hard for this semester; with the release of course grades today. And on that note, just a reminder that you have every right to check your exam paper and how it’s marked. Long story short, if you’ve failed it can be helpful to see where you’ve gone wrong/to double check that there hasn’t been some sort of admin error with processing your grade. If this is something that you would like to pursue, our advocacy team at USASA, are more then well equipped to help you with the process.

This month I did sit on the final academic board meeting for the year. It’s definitely an eye opening experience to be able to participate in a different perspective to the University than just from a student’s study outlook. I think it’s a great experience and would recommend the reps of 2017, to definitely sign up for it.

On that note, I wish all the best to the student representatives of 2017. I am sure they, along with all the great staff at USASA, will continue the good work! I just want to personally wish everyone the best for the rest of their studies and hope you have a lovely summer break. 🙂

– Joshua Schneider


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