September and October Reports

September and October Reports:

These last two months have been rather eventful for us at USASA with some very valuable staff members moving on to different parts of the Univeristy and as well the overall madness that seems to occupy the last half of every semester for all university students..

Over the last couple of months I have been involved in a couple of Academic Integrity Reviews over at City West – we have not had seemed to have had as many on the other side of the city at my native City East. They are run a bit differently to many of the boards on which I’ve sat as a part of my USASA Representative role, less formal but still gets to the bottom of the Integrity breach in question very effectively. The Academic Integrity Officers I spoke with were predominately based in the business school, and spoke of the growing online market for student essays and the measures the Academic Staff are taking to curb this trend within the University. They also spoke of the difficulties in building a systematic approach to tackling this problem, as if the University builds measures into the online submission program to aid in this identification of purchased essays, it will result in a swift reformatting approach from the essay writers for hire.

Another interesting event that I intended was the first USASA clubs drink. USASA is working hard to try to form inter-club ties that will potentially lead to collaboration and sharing event ideas, advertising approaches and everything else involved in successfully running a club, between USASA club executives. This event was very socially focused, and it was a fantastic, relaxed evening having a couple of drinks with people from many of USASA’s wide range of clubs.

Unfortunately I had a couple of wisdom teeth out, and was on my back for USASA’s Unitopia at City East, but after talking to people who went they said it was a fantastic afternoon and well run once again.

Some of the other things I have been doing for USASA over the last couple of months include:

27/09/16 – Formal Inquiry

29/09/16 – Academic Integrity Review

04/11/16 – Academic Review

11/10/16 – Academic Formal Inquiry

14/10/16 – USASA Club drinks

Ongoing activity in the development team involved with the creation of the Student Engagement Framework (SEF)


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