USASA Activity Report – Month of September and October

Hey everyone, it is getting to the business end of the year and these past couple of months have been filled with major assignments, USASA board elections, our various campaigns and academic reviews!

I have been continuing our push with the university to update their sexual harassment policies and are looking to establish a Working Group by the end of the year. I have been mapping out levels of student representation at the university and we are in the process of establishing Education and Welfare Collectives through the student board so students have a bigger say over university life. Through the Rainbow Club we have been petitioning for a Queer Officer and safe spaces at the university. I also attended a number of Academic Reviews and formal inquiries so our students can have equal and fair representation. UniSA election week was a hectic and rewarding time for everyone involved and we now have our official board for next year! In the second half of October USASA has been focusing on UniTopia and getting our events set up for 2017.






  • Meeting with Nadia about UniSA Sexual Harassment Policy


  • Magill Academic Reviews (Preliminary Meeting)
  • USASA Board Meeting


  • DAPAG meeting


  • Rainbow Club BBQ at Magill campus – Petition for Queer Officer and Safe Spaces
  • Meeting with Nadia about UniSA Sexual Harassment Policy


  • Workshop – “Building Successful Student Partnerships” with University Management and USASA staff/board


  • Magill Academic Reviews (Interview Meeting)


  • Formal Inquiry – Business School


  • Free BBQ for students – City West Hoj Plaza


  • Lunch with the Sex Discrimination Commissioner
  • Forum – gender equality and sexual harassment national campaign/survey


  • Meeting with Joanne Cys about student representation on committees


  • Meeting with Claire Colebeck about Academic Representatives



10-14th 2016

  • UniSA USASA board elections


  • UniTopia at Magill
  • Meeting with Nadia about UniSA Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Meeting with Claire about Academic Representatives


  • Meeting with Bek from USASA about sexual health/consent week event for 2017

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