International student- October blog

Hi everyone,

I know there would be few viewers as many of you are submitting your final assignments and are getting ready for the exams. As for me I have been very sick this month due to stress. Hopefully I am better now.

The more the months pass-by, and the less I have to do as it is true most of them were done during March-June. So in October I volunteered at USASA stall for UniTopia at Mawson Lakes. Besides the cold, windy and rainy weather, many students turned up and I used that opportunity to meet the international students who told me many things things. I should add that it was my last event to take part as USASA international student rep.

I am also working on organizing a meeting with 2017 international student reps of the state. Other international students from the 3 different universities will be invited as well. The aim is to provide the opportunity to the 2017 international reps. To hear from the students what they are being expected. During the holidays, they will have time to work on them. on the other hand, we, the current student reps, can also answer their questions by what we did and what we tried to do.

Hopefully I will be able to make this meeting with the help of the other reps of SA.

See you next month and good luck with your exams.


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