Activity Report-Sepember & October

Hello everyone, it seems like been a long time as City West student Rep and only have two months left for all of you. I will continue support all the students with any helps needed.

During Sepember and October, I had been enrolled in study tour courses to go overseas. I went to China to learn ‘Business in China’ courses with BiMBA of Peking University. This is a excited experience for me to study these courses with MBA students. As a Chinese, this study tour freshed me with new experiences and understanding about China. I must thank you for the University provides this great opportunity to all of management students and fantastic study tour experiences for all of us. If you are interesting to the Study Tour or any overseas study opportunties please contact Student Mobility Office 08 8302 0903 or you can email to for any equiries.

However, these two months I missed out two USASA Board Meeting, do not involve in these two months activities. I do apology for this! 

When I am back to Adelaide, I got few calls from students who are based in Business School. They had trouble with Academic Integrity issues about their assignments. I am glad they can find me and let me know, they need help. It is important for us to know you need help and we will try our best to support and give you a hand.

If any students do not know Academic Integrity, please read below information to understand what are academic integrity office doing?

AIOs facilitate the:

  • interpretation and implementation of policy
  • initial management of reported cases of academic misconduct
  • management of Turnitin
  • making judgments on cases of academic misconduct
  • consistency of outcomes when academic misconduct is proven
  • regular reporting to relevant Heads of Schools, School boards and Division teaching and learning committees.

When you receive Academic Integrity office email please read carefully and pay high attention. This is really serious issue when you receive the email from AIO. But, don’t feel panic. Beacuse USASA will support you, we provides Advocacy service to all UniSA students for free and our advocates are experts in academic policies and procedures. They can help you understand what’s happening and what you need to do if you are facing academic problems. For more information, you can check or email to

Finally, good luck with your examinations to all the students. See you in showground.


For the following month, I will go back to my position.

14th Nov Events and Marketing Committee Meeting

14th Nov USASA Board Meeting

15th Nov Exam-aid

22th Nov Formal Enquiry


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