October – Whyalla Campus

Hope everyone survived October, I know students have been busy with assignments and placements. I do want to thank everyone who made the effort to come out to UniTopia on October 5th special mention to Carey Moore (USASA President) who made the effort to fly up for the day and help out. On this day we also celebrated 25 trees for 25 years, an initiative funded by the Student Association and planted by students of Whyalla.

Nominations and elections were held during October, and I thank all those who voted and who were elected to their respective positions. After receiving feedback, it was suggested USASA should have notified all students by email about upcoming nominations as was the case with the email sent to students with voting link. I will submit the feedback as an agenda item at the next meeting making sure an answer can be outlined in the minutes open for all students to read the response. The next board meeting will be 14th November so I will report how that goes next month.

The end of year drinks breakup will now be on Saturday 26th November, 2016 so reserve your spot by paying a deposit at Campus Central, it would be truly wonderful to see everyone there to celebrate your success on completing another year or completing your studies altogether, I already owe a drink to the UniSA netball team for defeating the top team this year, so place the date in your diary and have a great night. All the best to those who have exams also.



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