October Report- West Campus

The university effect: every month seems busier than the last. October has truly been crazy for me, as I’m sure it is for most students. Final assignments are probably just been submitted or due, and exams are starting to rear their ugly head in the background. Make sure to try and find time to relax, eat well, sleep well and maybe even exercise (including just walking). Exams can be a very stressful time for students (trust me, I’ve had 4 exams every semester, I know!), and it’s important not to forget to take care of yourself. Although I probably need to take my own advice anyway 😉

This month, I attended a meeting with Tracey Bretag, the director for the Office of Academic Integrity, and USASA advocates; discussing the prevailing issue of formal inquiries and academic misconduct. This was a good opportunity to note how the University and USASA could both make progress on tackling the issue of academic misconduct.

Elections are over, I’m sure both elected candidates and students are quite happy with this. It was quite a trip down memory lane to a year ago when I too was running. It was a wonderful opportunity to talk to students again about what matters to them and assist candidates with their efforts. Good luck to the 2017 USASA board.

Helping out at my last Unitopia, has been a fun and enjoyable experience as usual. I would highly recommend every board member to at least assist with one Unitopia event next year. It’s always a rewarding experience to give back and see students actually enjoying themselves at uni (instead of stressing ha) through your hard efforts. As always a shout out to Tracy, for the awesome work she does in coordinating the Unitopia event.


All the best with your exams,

Joshua Schneider
City West Rep.


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