Sophie Murray- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Representative Report for October

Board Member Activity Report – Sophie Murray

Month of October

Summary of activity

This month has been incredibly busy and has included some travel as well. At the moment the Wirringka Student Services team is updating the training for all of its current tutors. I assisted with the development and delivery of this providing both my professional and student perspectives and experiences.

I was also lucky enough to attend a Critical Reading Group in Queensland (NIRAKN), working with Aileen Moreton-Robinson and other PhD Candidates from around the country. This was incredibly challenging and we were pushed to think more critically about different aspects of the texts provided to us.

I have also been working with Wirringka Student Services to provide feedback about the upcoming refurbishment of the student centres. Unfortunately I was also unwell for a period of time this month which has impacted my networking and productivity.

04/10/16 – Attended Deadly Alumni Executive Committee Meeting

05/10/16 – Attended the Aboriginal Tutorial Program Planning Session

  • Advised what should be included to benefit tutors.

06/10/16 – Met with CareerTrackers

  • Discussed ongoing internship opportunities for current students.

06/10/16 – Attended Higher Degree by Research Morning Tea

  • Discussed any concerns the students had in regards to their studies.

07/10/16 – Consulted in regards to the refurbishment of Wirringka Student Services ‘Safe’ spaces for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students

  • Spaces will be undergoing refurbishment in 2016/17

10-11/10/16 – Flew to Brisbane to attend a Critical Reading Group at Queensland University of Technology, hosted by Aileen Moreton-Robinson

13/10/16 – Attended the Aboriginal Tutorial Program- Tutor Training Session

  • Provided cultural competency training for tutors working with Aboriginal students.

19-24/10/16 – Unavailable due to Illness

27/10/16 – Attended Tauondi Open Day

28/10/16 – Attended Academic Board Meeting



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