Sophie Murray- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Representative Report for August

Board Member Activity Report – Sophie Murray

Month of August

Summary of activity

This month has been quite productive and I have done a lot of work to promote the University and student life with prospective students. This took place at the Year 12 Aboriginal Leadership Day at Port Adelaide Football Club and also over three days at the Darwin Career expo, I estimate that I have made contact with almost 4000 prospective students.

I also met with Kayla Dickeson to discuss the safe spaces which already exist at the University, the Indigenous Student Centre. I discussed the management of these spaces as well as the benefits and risks with having these allocated spaces.

I also had the opportunity through my professional role to meet with staff from the University of Tasmania, who shared with us the different support programs and networks available to their students. We hope to maintain our network with this group and potentially meet with them on their campus in the future.

2/8/16- Attended the Aboriginal Year 12 Leadership Day at Port Adelaide Football Club

  • Presented information about pathways to University and student life.

3/8/16 Met with fellow Board Member Kayla Dickeson

  • In regards to ‘autonomous’ or existing ‘safe’ spaces in the University, the benefits and maintenance of these. Discussed existing Aboriginal centres.


4/8/16 Attended the Higher Degree by Research morning tea

  • This is a recurring meeting I attend with the current Aboriginal students completing a doctorate. We regularly discuss their concerns about support and resourcing.

5/8/16 Attended City East Tutor training day as an observer

  • This is the training for all tutors engaged in the Aboriginal Tutorial Program at City East. I discussed some of the challenges that tutors may face when engaging students and the ways of overcoming this. I also provided some cultural insights as well.

8/8/16 Attended USASA Board Meeting

15-18/8/16 Travelled to Darwin Career Expo to meet prospective students

  • Presented information about pathways to University and student life.

29/8/16 Met with Aboriginal staff members from the University of Tasmania

-in regards to the support and programs they provide.



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