International student report- August & September

Hi everyone,

So I haven’t uploaded my blog for one month and I should apologize for that.I won’t lie saying this semester has been very busy for me and that I had too many events to organise. I will make my posts very brief for my readers.


8 August- monthly meeting with the international sub-committee to talk about the international drinks day.

22 August- meeting with the international sub-committee to finalize our event.

30 August- international drinks day. As a new international sub-committee, the aim was to share different cultures of the world (Asian, African, Europe) to the students. The event took place at city west and the students could taste the different flavors of the drinks.


21 September- meeting with the orientation week team. I joined the organising team of the orientation week for SP2 2017 and it was a good opportunity for me to share the views of international students. I raised the fact that many international students miss the orientation week as they come in Australia as from week 2. I also raised that many useful information about the students’ services are being shared during the orientation week but students do not stop-by these stands as they are not attractive or do not give away free goodies like do the other stalls which attract many students. I also mentioned that these students pass by an agent who does not know much about either the different services, enrollment, ID card, accommodation, internship, job opportunities, advocacy services etc. I highlighted that UniSA should email these agents requesting they inform more the international students or event have a pre-briefing arrival.

26 September- preparing for the CISA South Australia international students’ forum.

Coming up this October:

6 October- meeting with the O-week SP2 2017. I had to cancel my meeting with them do to medical issues. Hopefully they will email me back what I missed so that I can give them my feedback.

14 October: USASA clubs. As President of the African Society at UniSA, it will be a good opportunity for me to also catch-up with the other international clubs’ committee.

18 October- attending Unitopia at Mawson lakes.

So that’s all for the time being. I made it as brief as I could and do not hesitate to leave your comments below.


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