Nick Li – Postgraduate student Rep – August & September Report

It soon comes to the last quarter of the year again, have you guys been productive?

Some of you might not have noticed, but UniSA has performed better and better in recent years, and from the latest university ranking, UniSA now positioned in the 251-300 band out of 980 universities surveyed worldwide in Times Higher Education ranking, which means we are studying in a university in the top 25% percentile. We also ranked 24 in QS Top 50 under 50, and that means we are in of the world’s best young universities! So once you are graduated from UniSA, you know your degree is recognized worldwide.

With the start of SP5 in August, it also comes the time university review on students academic performance and if suspension is needed according to policies. I am glad to be on the UniSA college academic review panel and to be part of the academic review process. The panel allowed students to further explain their situation before forming the final decision, and I am glad to report to all student that, even without much of my input, the decision-making process was fair and according to the policies. In the other hand, I really want to point out two things here to my fellow students:

  1. Please remember the primary communication between University and you is through your student e-mail, and occasionally it will contain critical information regarding your enrollment and candidature, or information regarding your course anyway, so please check your e-mail at least once a week – if not more frequent.
  2. If you have scheduled a meeting, please do attend it. It is a waste of time and resources to academic staffs, professional staffs and volunteers like me. An hour of panel meeting consist of 6 panel members can easily cost up to a thousand dollar to the university. Please advise the meeting organiser if you cannot attend the scheduled meeting.

One good thing about UniSA I learnt through my studies in this University is it stands to be international, with the opening of King Sejong Institute (KSI) on 30/9, UniSA has enhanced once again its collaboration with South Korea. The KSI in UniSA is one of the nine awarded – and the only one awarded in Australia in 2016. KSI Adelaide will provide variety of Korean language classes for those who wish to learn the language and the Korean culture. For more information, please use the link below.

This coming Friday will be the Art on Campus Exhibition,displaying students’ response to the brief “be inspired and inspire; contribute to a vibrant campus life.”. Please join us in City West student Lounge 5-7pm, admire those amazing artworks, and help us to choose winners for the award! What’s more? There will free food and drink! Bring your friends and come along!

Exam time is close again and you know it’s time for UniTopia! UniTopia Spring Retreat is coming to a campus near you!  Take some time out to unwind, refresh and enjoy before exams. for detail and date for each campus, please check out the link below



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