President’s Report – August

Hi all!

I hope everybody is back into the study routine and managing assignments well. I also hope you’ve managed to make it through the cold bitterness of Winter and are starting to thaw.

(Adelaide right now)

Unfortunately, for me, August has brought a bit of personal misfortune. I have had another flu (my second one this year), as well as a family member being unwell. Because of this, my activity has been severely limited. However, I still managed to do a lot of work from home (albeit mostly administrative things related to the President role that don’t make for interesting reports.)

While I attended meetings in the last month, there’s not many exciting things to report. So, instead I would like to use this opportunity to discuss the upcoming elections.

USASA Election season commences this week, with notifications soon to be sent out about the relevant dates, as well as the means to nominate, and the voting shall take place in early October (you will be informed officially.)

We had an election information night a few weeks ago, which had a good turnout and some warm interest and I highly recommend that, if you’re interested in expressing the student voice, you nominate for the election.

Anybody who is a student and plans to be a student next year (and fit the requirement of the position eg. post-grad rep being a post-grad student) can run and it will be easy to nominate. There are 14 board positions:

  • President
  • Post-Graduate Student Representative
  • International Student Representative
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Student Representative
  • 2 x City West Campus Student Representatives
  • 2 x City East Campus Student Representatives
  • 2 x Mawson Lakes Campus Student Representatives
  • 2 x Magill Campus Student Representatives
  • 1 x Whyalla Campus Student Representative
  • 1 x Mt. Gambier Campus Student Representative

While it should be made perfectly clear: As this is a USASA-run blog, there are no endorsements for any candidates here, I highly encourage everybody who is eligible to have a go. Your voice is important and democratic participation is a strong part of that.

(Ignore what this other President has to say on the topic)

Selected Activities for August

As pointed out before in this entry, there was little to report, due to illnesses. Here is the limited list:

16 August – Meeting with new Director: Student Engagement Unit, Brendan Hughes

Along with Daniel Randell, I met with Brendan Hughes to begin establishing a good working relationship between USASA and the new leadership of SEU. The meeting was very informative and Brendan certainly has a lot of very big ideas and plans to improve student engagement and improve the experience of students, and certainly does not just see himself as just being there to manage things. I am confident that our two organisations will be very close and cooperative over the next few years.

18 August – University Council Meeting

Was held at City East Campus. For this meeting I submitted a report on the progress of the USASA Constitutional rewrite process (attached at the end of this report). The council were satisfied and offered no questions or comments before noting.

30 August – Student Appeals Committee Meeting

As usual, the contrast of a case with and without an advocate is stark. Also had my first Unsatisfactory Academic Progress preclusion cases – which are a lot more emotionally tolling than the Academic Integrity Cases.

There was one case where natural justice was not followed. While the particulars of the case are confidential, it is worth noting that the formal inquiry did not have a student representative attending and, considering how flawed the case was, it really could have made a difference having someone there.

Continuous activity

Meetings with board members

Meetings with General Manager

Developing my own goals and strategies

Meetings with PVC: Student Engagement and Equity

USASA Board subcommittee meetings

Next Month

9 September – ‘Building Successful Student Partnerships’ Workshop

16 September – Future Industries Institute Opening

23 September – Academic Board Meeting


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