City West Report


It’s heading into week 6 of study period 5 now, so we’re sure many of you other undergrads are starting to feel things heating up; I (Josh) know I’m personally trying to conquer Financial Accounting 3!

We’ve been able to within our role as City West Rep, assist several students with issues ranging from student exam issues to the use of flyers around campus. Judy has put all of her focus on the Uni Career Expo for this month, including lengthy discussions with Daniel (USASA’s general manager), Tegan (USASA’s clubs officer) and the Adelaide City Council. Judy has worked hard to assist with the career expo so that students have a better opportunity to communicate face to face with businesses looking at interviewing and hiring current students and graduates.

I (Josh) have had the wonderful opportunity to help out at Open day. It was a fun opportunity to be able to represent USASA and talk to so many prospective students who were thinking about studying with us at UniSA. I unfortunately didn’t find any accounting students I could “nerd out” with but it was great to see so many students who still had hopes and dreams in their eyes! I’m kidding!! I think USASA’s presence at these events could’ve been better incorporated into the event, as it felt somewhat that we were out of the way. I definitely feel as the student association on campus we do represent in a sense the social side of Uni, and feel underutilised by the university at these events.

This month we have once again assisted in numerous formal inquiry cases. Our role in a formal inquiry is to represent all students at the university and to provide a much needed voice for students at these inquiries. The school of commerce is home to a majority of these academic integrity issues, and it is rather concerning to see firsthand so many instances of students who haven’t done the right thing. University is definitely hard, if it was easy everyone would do it. It is overcoming the hard aspects at uni, that really make you grow so if we can appeal to anyone to just stick it out and do the work. It’ll be worth it in the end. We’re also glad to see initiatives being put in place by the university to address these issues such as standard academic integrity information at first week lectures and other services.
We just want to wish everyone the best for the rest of the semester, let’s all survive… at least till the mid-semester study break. As your City West Reps, we’re here to support and assist any student so feel free to email us at: (Josh) or (Judy) if you have any concerns or queries you’d like to discuss.

All the best from your City West Reps,
Josh & Judy


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