Nick Li – Postgraduate student Rep – June & July Report

Hi all,

Sorry to for not updating earlier for which I should have… but hey! It was a crazy 2 months for me and I will tell you why.

I have come across this formal inquiry regarding “contract cheating”, where in this case a student paid someone online to write the final year project thesis for him/her. I understand how study could be a lot of pressure, especially while you are in your final year, but cheating as your desperate measure is definitely a NO!

Not only is it not fair to all other students, it is denying yourself, your ability to achieve something greater. I hereby also reminds everyone that according to UniSA policy, a breach in academic conduct is serious matter and can lead you to suspension (one cannot study in UniSA for a period of time), or worse, expulsion (one being expelled from UniSA and never allowed to return to study). In the sense of your future and career development, it demonstrated how you do not respect the system and lack of self-control and right judgement, and these will be all unfavourable to employers, no matter which industry you are interested in.

For students who felt immense amount of pressure and have the idea of cheating in their mind, please seeking help from others. UniSA provide consultation service for those who are in need, they can help you to re-organise your study plan such as reducing load and coordinate with your program/course coordinator, so you may finish your degree in the end with less pressure. The take home message is – don’t cheat, the outcome could be severe, seek help instead.

In mid-July, the USASA board has a mid-year retreat to discuss things that we have experienced this half-year and what can we do more for the students? While we are going to reform our constitution, how can we change to better represent students? A lot of ideas had came up and discussion was constructive, in the end we have identified few autonomous group of students that should have better representation and have a separate representative for them, and we are working toward that direction. Another thing that came up as well was a “Postgraduate student rep” can hardly represent both “Coursework” and “Research” students as the needs from these two groups of students are very different, and it is hard for one student rep to understand and accommodate the needs for both groups. Should we have 2 separate specific student representatives instead? It will be more clear in the coming month while we are onto the board component in the constitution.

It’s good to see all the students coming back after the semester break, and new mid-year entry students starting their study here in UniSA. Valerie has given a presentation to new international students during the orientation and it was great seeing all the new international students seemed to getting ready for their study here in UniSA.


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