Jue Wang – City West Rep – Welcome back!

Welcome Back all the students and welcome our new students to join UniSA. At beginning of this month, everyone finished their final exams and finish their study period 2 studies. Everyone had some relax during the school holiday. Most of my friends went back to their home country. I want to go back to see my family as well! BUT, I am busy to prepare the events for study period 5.

In winter time, everyone feels frozen and don’t want to move to anywhere. Now, it is the time to get warmer, USASA join the orientation and hope more students can know how USASA works and what we do for students. Let me reintroduce USASA again, we represents students’ voices and we are helping students to solve the problems they meet in their study period, such as academic issues, we provides advocacy to support you. If you want to join the clubs or associations to make your study time have fun, please see our websites and search the clubs list to find which one you like and join it. We also provide many different kinds of events such as band competition, multicultural events. Please keep an eye on us and don’t miss any of them!

4th of July

USASA Board Meeting

15th of July

Formal Inquire – assist academic integrity office and support students with their academic issues.

21th of July

Orientation City West Campus-introduce USASA to new students and provide free USASA Diary to students.

26th of July

Another formal inquire- solve the students’ case with academic problems.




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