Valérie Baya – International Student Rep – July Report

Hi everyone and welcome back to uni…YAAAAYYYY…or nay lol.

I hope you had enough time to relax before this new semester. As for me, this holidays were not really holidays as I was involved in many extracurricular activities. I also went to Darwin to attend the 4 days CISA conference and the ethno-cultural student conference in Melbourne. As a result, I learn a lot about international student rights in Australia, the new strategy plan and many more. How not to forget that I have to submit reports about these conferences by Monday…

I will upload my reports later on but first let’s see what I’ve been up to for July.

5-8 July- CISA conference in Darwin

For this this year’s conference, the theme was “breaking down barriers, facing the future together as one”. The new strategy plan was explained about how to break the barriers which exist between locals and international students. It was a great opportunity for me to meet other student leaders from different state and therefore from different universities. I learn more from what their respective university does and offers to their international students. If I compare theirs to UniSA, I know what could be done for the international students based on some lack.

18 July- International arrival briefing presentation (O-week)

To welcome the new international students, I did a presentation about USASA services. That was definitely the biggest crowd I had for a presentation; with nearly 400 students. I was given 5 minutes to talk about USASA services and those in charged of the presentation did not really wanted me to talk about my personal experience, which I knew would has been so useful for the new students. As you know, rules are made to be broken and I know myself well. I couldn’t only stick to the slides, as I mentioned more information which I’ve been told not to talk about, like the importance of using the LTU/your tutor for assignments or even how terrible it can be for plagiarism. At the end of the day, the presentation went all well and I was glad I mentioned about few experiences which new students deserve to know.

After my presentation, I was at the USASA stall to talk to the new students, gave them few jelly beans, told them more about USASA, gave them few advice about how to improve their assignments and gave them my contact details as well. It all went well and I think I am getting used to that. I should do that everyday actually, or not LOL

21-22 July- Ethno-cultural student conference

This conference was organised by the national ethno-cultural officer of the national union of students. For this reason, the board approved that I attend the conference. More is to come in my report which you can read as well.

29 July- Internship meeting with the student engagement unit (SEU)

UniSA being a “university of enterprise”, this meeting was to talk about different solutions or improvement to encourage students to do internship. Different questions were asked to me, Nick (postgrad student rep) and Daniel(general management).
There is actually a link they would like students to fill in as they are trying to find new strategies which will encourage students to go for internship:

So what am I up-to for August? Let me see what my calendar says, thank you USASA for giving students free diaries, as I would have never bought any for myself.

Euh….actually I don’t have anything yet.

Anyway, have a nice month guys 🙂





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