Izik Nehow – Mawson Lakes – June Report

What have we been up to during June? 

This month has been a pretty short month given a move up of the USASA Board meeting. However, we’ve still been quite busy working as your student representatives! Both of us, with the help of Kayla and Chris – the Magill Representatives – have started distributing the Food Truck survey for both our campuses via social media this month. This will be a great resource of data that we can use to help push our case for food trucks across the campuses and we’ve received quite a lot of great feedback so thank you! But, if you haven’t already seen the survey then check it out below.

Please make sure you pick the survey for YOUR campus.

Mawson Lakes survey

Magill survey

(do it for the food, do it for Homer!)


Examin-Aid was a big highlight of the month which you would’ve seen if you’ve had exams this semester. It was such an awesome opportunity to meet students from across campuses and help you all out at such a critical and stressful time (even if it is just to collect jellybeans for a post exam pick-me-up).

Best of luck to everyone with exams coming up and to those who are liberated of all Uni commitments for a few weeks, CONGRATS! We hope you enjoy your well deserved break!

Events & Meetings: 

  • 14/6/2016 USASA Board Meeting
  • 28/6/2016 – 29/6/2016 Examin-Aid shifts (Lisa)
  • 21/6/2016 & 30/6/2016 Examin-Aid shifts (Izik)
  • Education & Welfare Committee Meeting
  • Finance Committee Meeting
  • Governance Committee Meeting
  • Women’s Committee Meeting

What’s happening in July?

With continued planning on the Food Trucks front, we will have more meetings to continue discussing the project. We’ll be collating the data from the survey which will give us a better understanding of exactly what students want, so if you haven’t filled it in already then please help us by having your say.

Lisa will be attending the USASA mid-year retreat on the 5th of July where we can reflect on our collective progress through the year. A second Board Meeting for the month will also be held afterwards. Meanwhile Izik will be attending the National Union of Students Education Conference in Sydney  on the 5th of July which is a great conference aimed at increasing the abilities and capacity of student representatives to do their jobs better for you.

The second O-week is also coming up and it will be really exciting to meet and welcome the mid-year students!

Upcoming Events & Meetings: 

  • 4/7/2016 USASA Board Meeting (both)
  • 5/7/2016 USASA mid-year retreat followed by a second Board Meeting (Lisa)
  • 19/7/2016 O-Week SP5 (Lisa)
  • Education & Welfare Committee Meeting (Lisa)
  • Finance Committee Meeting (Izik)
  • Governance Committee Meeting (Izik)
  • Women’s Committee Meeting (Lisa)
  • The NUS Education Conference (Izik)
  • Meeting with Chris and Kayla to discuss Food Trucks and Book Stalls (both)
  • Ongoing meetings, blog and report preparation (both)

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