Kayla Dickeson & Christopher Ghan – Magill Student Reps – June Report

Summary of activity

This month we have been focused on the final weeks of the semester, as students rush to their major assignments and exams (including us)! Chris and I both participated in Unitopia at Magill, which was a great success with many students attending. We got to chat to students and ask them about the things they want to see at Magill, pet some cute barn animals and have a go at the arts and crafts! As it is crunch time with exams, we have been out at the Adelaide Showgrounds with USASA’s Examinaid, helping students out with free pens, pencils and jelly beans! Students could also borrow calculators and rulers, while using our iPads to search for their exam room!

Chris and I have also been working with Izik and Lisa, the Mawson Lake’s reps, to survey students about the food they want to see on-campus! We are planning on trialling food trucks and a second-hand book fair in the opening weeks of SP5 on both campuses, so keep a look out!!

One of our goals this year was to spread more awareness around sexual assault and domestic violence, so Chris and I are planning a seminar around these issues for the early weeks of SP5 at Magill.

The Women’s Committee got out and talked to students about the survey we’re running for women’s services. I have also been preparing for the NUS Women’s campaign “Support Student Safety, Stop the War on Women” around sexual assault, harassment and violence on-campus, which is set to roll out during the month of July and run throughout SP5.

I attended the Academic Board meeting, under which we heard about the Business School’s plans to implement a Winter School for those wanting to complete extra classes or undertake internships and placements in the June/July period.

Valerie, Izik and I attended the Muslim Iftar at Mawson Lakes ran by the Bangladeshi Society, the end-of-Ramadan celebration where we had amazing food and got to meet some awesome people! It was a really successful event and we want to make sure we’re encouraging more events like it in the future!

We have also been busy thinking about what USASA wants to see our SSAF spent on in 2017!


01/06/2016 – Unitopia at Magill (Chris & Kayla)

06/06/2016 – Women’s Committee surveying students at Magill (Kayla)

14/06/2016 – Board meeting (Chris & Kayla)

20/06/2016 – Examinaid shift (Kayla)

22/06/2016 – Book fair/food truck meeting (Chris & Kayla)

24/06/2016 – Academic Board meeting; Meeting with Daniel & Carey to discuss KPIs (Kayla)

26/06/2016 – Iftar celebration at Mawson Lakes campus (Kayla)

27/06/2016 – Examinaid shift (Kayla)


Continuous activity

  • NUS Women’s and Education campaigns


Next month’s planned activities

  • Education and Welfare Committee meeting
  • Women’s Committee meeting
  • Education Conference
  • NOWSA Conference

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